Keyboard, Bass Guitar.


I'm in a band called the Dystrict, we're looking for a new bass player. Check out the page :///thedystrict
You can contact us through the website.

The ideal bass sound has to be big and full with a bit of funk and a lot of rock, they have to perform like a they're a mad man/woman. They also need to be able to have fun without getting fu*ked up all the time. Oh yeah, you gotta have the gear to throw down. If you have a little 25 watt combo amp that ain't going to cut it.

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The Pixies, Fugazi, Primus,The Police, Pavement, Oingo Boingo, The Ramones, Zepplin, Hendrix, The Clash, and No Doubt. You probably get the picture by now.


Rickenbacker 330, Fender Deluxe (looking at Mesa Lonestar), Morley wah, Rotovibe, Dan-echo, EBS Multicomp, Overlord overdrive, Frenchtoast fuzz. Looking to go with Line6 PodXT to eliminate most pedals for live performance.