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I am looking to put together a high energy fun, Elvis Presley Tribute group. Yes I never thought for the life of me that I wanted to be an Elvis tribute artist. Just because of the stigma this can sometimes bring. But I have met other Elvis tribute artist, and some are ok, some are great, I have the vocals to pull this off and I also invested two authentic professional jumpsuits. I am not talking Elvis when he was unhealthy in his final years, but a high energy 70's version, with a similar band that Elvis had, A horn section, good background singers, I would actually prefer a gospel group as he did who already have been performing together for background vocals. I am pretty sure if I ask I have a keyboard player who actually has the last name Presley, I also have a Sax player who will do any thing for me. I can get musicians but the problem is that yes they will play individual gigs if needed but as far as commitment they are limited do to their own projects that they are already doing. I do not care your age, as long as you can understand that in the beginning until the goal is reached to get corporate gigs that will pay very well for a good band for there employee's. I experienced that first hand, for the band I had the privilege of singing both background and lead, we played for Allstate, we opened for the Famous Spinners, we played for the Chicago wolves Hockey team, for their new years eve party and many others. Until the actual leader of the group started devoting his time into other adventures that he claimed was to help the band grow to even a higher level I am sorry to say he was a BS artist. But I think if this is a project that will not take along time if I can get support, meaning I need a band. I want a horn section, a good guitarist, bassist, and a good drummer. I would love very experienced musicians but I also understand that older ones can get tired of doing gigs for basically tips. I want to make sure that this is not a bar band, I think a couple of gigs just to get out there to have a show that we can bring to the places I that expect will pay decently we would need to make sure we have a good show. Now I also know come on Elvis well I have met a bunch of other Elvis Tribute artist and the good ones are making over 4000.00 to 7000.00 thousand for gigs. Now with a good horn section for corporate gigs we do not have to just perform a single Elvis tribute show. We can provide so many fun songs, in fact we can ask them what they want and give it to them. Blues Brother songs, basically party songs that people know and want to have fun. I am not talking next year except maybe Jan 1st for a new years eve gig, or as companies like to call them the year end party for their employee's. Then come next summer we can do a full Elvis Tribute show for festivals, and again to switch it up we also could do a half and half, An Elvis/Blues Brothers show. the main thing is not to make it work, but to have fun and in that fun make money. In the start I am sorry I cannot pay for the start, but I promise you will be rewarded in the very near future. So in order to do this I am looking for level headed individual's I am no bodies mother or father except I don't care what you do in your private life, but while performing it is important to understand I don't want to be a bar band, sure that can be fun in the beginning but after awhile it becomes more like work then fun. What can make it fun Number one good attitudes, having a drink or two ok, but once you are on stage you are clear headed. Not drunk loud obnoxious but I think most musicians understand that. That will lead to other invites if we are performing better then anyone around. I have listened to other bands this summer and true they seem to get the crowd going but I am not just wanting an ok group, because honestly I was shocked that even though they play the same songs at every gig there are certain songs that should be left alone. Unless you have someone with a voice similar to Steve Perry ok Journey songs can be done. But really I guess it is ,me being picky because the people did not hear what I heard witch was horrible. But they are getting high paying gigs. I think with the right attitudes a great sound my idea is that we can be better. I look at American English a Beatles tribute group, and they are on point. So contact me asap, so we can get this together and get some high paying gigs before the end of the year. Even one high paying gig will be worth the effort. Then unless there is a musician that is good at promoting, of course I expect he would be extra compensated for extra work other wise I need to hire one. I have no problem but I need a product before I can hire some one. Yes I have music I can even use a couple of live musicians to add to the sound and can get the gigs with just me but there is nothing better then live musicians make it a very fun show. And we can feed off of every ones energy. So please contact me trust me we can have fun and the skills you have shouldn't be hidden and again I am not talking a bar band, and understandably this can be fun for a little bit, but when there is no money and the hard work of loading and unloading equipment can become discouraging. So it is not my intentions to make this a short term thing. I want it to be worth your while, and be compensated for the time. I ask though good attitudes, check the ego's at the door, and lets not just make money but have fun. Try and take away that this is a waist of time if I thought it was I wouldn't be trying to put this together. But I have seen it work first hand. I think with the right people we can be better. Rehearsals do not have to take for ever it is up to the individual to do their home work, in other words learn your part. Then maybe for the first time as a group we get together there will be mistakes, we are not perfect not now anyway, but the second time I believe having good musicians we can rehearse a whole show. Or rehearse a different set a week. But again time is the essence I have seen this done, and I can hire musicians to fulfill a gig, but I want to have a unit one that I can call a band that are the same people, and if something comes up and we need to have a fill in then that will not b a problem. But for success I want to try and keep it together. Summer time can be a lot of fun playing for festivals. And other times of the year, wedding's, again I stress big corporate gigs, and even playing for professional sports teams. I have experienced this in the past except I didn't have to promote or get gigs, I just had to show up. We could have still been a group today except the person who got this together went into other adventures claiming it was for the band, instead it destroyed it. We even had a CD out with originals songs two of which were played on V103, it was a steppers type music. Depending on your normal form of music you listen to you may not know this type. I was new to it but it opened my eyes to a whole different type of music I may never had heard of before. So please contact me asap lets get this going, again age does not matter younger or of little older. I guess as far as age I have to say at least 21, so again a horn section, a good back up group who can sing harmony. And the other musicians I have listed. I think the horn section is the hardest to get together. But if you have played in a marching band and you know individuals who may be interested in making the audience have goose pimples when they here the blowing of those horns like it has always done for me then please don't let your talents be put aside. Lets make some good cash in our pockets and have fun. 224-489-7790 samaherlt2. Lets TCB take care of business in a flash!! Mike

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Elvis , Elton John, Frankie Beverly, Eagles, so much more....Blues Brothers. All blues music, Rock music but that begins with the King, The Beatles, Doobie Brothers. Also from being in the band I performed with for over 20 years opened my eyes to more, James Brown, U2, there are so many to add. I basically listen to songs that deep meaning to the point its hard to understand but pretty straight forward. I also like to do research before I try and guess what a person is writing about I do research to find out what the original artist message is. Fro instance Hotel California many people tried making it a satanic song, when actuality it had nothing to do with Satin or the acult. I found an interview by Don Henley who wrote the song and he stated which sounded better to a group of college guys smoking what ever trying to anyalize it. It was demonic or not, of course they chose the wrong answer which carried along till now. The verse Stab them with Their Steely Knives, but the just cant kill the beast. The reference was to group Steely Dan the Rock group because they were so un fire at the time and were the group to beat that nothing could stop their success. It was a way of paying tribute to the group. But many including me until I found Don Henley explanation I was corrected. Many songs are misinterputted, some are not but the message is not to influence satin in our lives but to have fun. Granted their are bands that are pretty specific to where there loyalty is but most bands are not as evil as you think. I am very much influenced by Peace, unity and Love. From Elvis, to the Beatles, Elton John and many more we are here to have fun. Doobie Brothers Music is the Doctor!!! I have missed out the crowd pleasing songs which I love to do the most so everyone can have fun, yes Get Down to Night, Shake Shake Shake, all the Funk sungs of the 70's still get people excited and want to dance, as performers and at our age I know I am not going to be famous but plenty of opportunity to get gigs that pay well and well have people enjoy themselves. We feed off them as we feed off each other. So I hope a group or someone is looking to get this going. I will be happy to do my best to be an asset and am happy to perform what ever is asked.

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I have Mics, Sound system Fender 12 string , 6 string acoustic with pick up Ibenez. . Also I am available any time of the week. I can be available for weekends for practice gigs anytime. I could not include that. thanks mike Also I have a free schedule so I can work around yours and we can rehearse here. I can even record us so we can play it back to hear how we sound. This will help us in finding our areas that need improvement. That includes me, but rehearsal don't worry about coming and doing the show the first thing is get the songs right. The rest will come easy. I am willing to except any helpful comments as I hope we all can to help us improve. I continue to try and be the best I can be, I actually have invested in two authentic Elvis suits, again I can do this alone but I appreciate live music with real people to make it more fun.