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Jim Knoch - Poor Side Of Town - Bass & Drums

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Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Keyboard, Background Singer, Banjo, Fiddle, Steel guitar.


Want to play music with a band? Well, here's your opportunity. Guys and Gals, fellow musicians, the band really needs a few more musicians to play regularly with the band so I can book some gigs now, instead of continuing to turn them down. At this time we are looking for several key positions ... specifically lead Guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and vocalists. If you are possibly interested, please give me a shout out. I intend to back away from the mike and switch instruments, from rhythm guitar to bass if necessary to fill the gaps. If you think you may be interested or just want to give playing with a band a try, why not have a little fun in the process. Don't let your competency on your instrument hold you back ... we will endeavor to teach you what you need to know to play as a group ... all you have to do is learn and; have fun! (Direct Contact information is below even if you aren't a premium Bandmix member.). Here are a few quotes related to music for you to think about ... "Most people die with their music still locked up inside them.";...from Benjamin Disraeli. Don't be one of "Most People"! ... "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ';Wow! What a Ride!'" ... from Hunter S. Thompson.
Thanks ..... Swampy / (Jim Knoch)

Looking forward into 2022,surely it must be a better year! Join us as we, too, look forward .... "To Infinity And Beyond!" Successful Musicians Believe In Themselves and have fun in the process!


Fellow Musicians, my name is Jim Knoch a.k.a. Swampy; here on Bandmix, manager and male lead vocalist and currently rhythm/lead guitarist with the band. They also call me Swampy and likely PITA when I'm out of earshot! We have mostly escaped the pandemic unscathed. We are rehearsing once weekly on Sunday afternoons, barring illness or severe weather or holidays. If you would like to jam with no strings attached, consider joining us at a rehearsal, just bring along your instrument and amp if needed, or your microphone,stand ; cable, or your keyboard ; stand ; and amp or drum kit. Come on, don't be shy! You know you want to have some fun and to make some music, don't you? We currently have over 1,200 songs in the master song list in the following genres: Blues, Bluegrass, Classic and; Contemporary Country, Classic Pop, Classic Rock, Folk, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, RandB, Rock, Southern Rock, Soul, Swamp Pop, and Texas Swing. Recently I have been adding a number of songs in anticipation of working with more female vocalists. We only play in a smoke free environments. We won't do non-prescribed medications nor excessive booze. Also, we don't play any screaming, head banging Heavy Metal. nor any Gothic darkness and doom Death Metal. Nor will you find anyone here with ruptured eardrums from overly loud, piercing Emo, Punk and Grunge Hard Rock. We also won't play any pistol waving, pants down to the knees, RAP. You will find camaraderie with like minded fellow musicians that enjoy playing various genre of music which we all remember from yesteryear. I would classify the band as a Country/Pop/Rock - Oldies Band. We are not a Premium Bandmix member listing, I can not contact YOU directly unless you have some contact information coded into your listing or you contact us first through BandMix or directly (see below for direct email secret decoding info). I welcome any interested musician, no matter your skill level, to contact me for directions and time to join us in a jam session / rehearsal and possibly join the band as a regular member, so if you're interested in playing a little music with a band, contact Jim (Swampy) (see contact Info in "Band Members" section) and I'll set up a convenient date for you to join with us. Our normal rehearsal time is every Sunday afternoon 3:00 until 6:00P.M. at my Music Building at my home North of Pearl River, La., near Sixth Ward Elementary School. I have a dedicated ;Music Hall Building with ample space for a full band. We are also open to any interested lady musicians that won't have issues singing and/or playing alongside grandpa. We are offering a wealth of musical knowledge and experience, all free for the taking! We may as well share this knowledge and the joy of making music before age and physical decline takes it all away from us. Hoping to see you at a jam session.
Thanks ... Swampy


Millennium Mix is currently looking for a few additional dedicated permanent musicians. I envision ultimately building the band back to it's former status. We are presently in search of a lead guitar player and a bass guitar player and a keyboardist and a percussionist. Horns are also in need to complete the ensemble sometime in the future along with some back-up vocalists.

The primary focus of the band is to HAVE FUN while gigging mostly on the Lake Pontchartrain North Shore in Southeast Louisiana, also in Coastal and Southern Mississippi as venues become available. I do not see any prospects for going on any tours, with age, medical issues, and family obligations dictating we stay near home. I don't envision booking any New Orleans venues considering the rampant gun violence, especially now that I've already witnessed a shooting at a gig a few years ago! We may be getting old, but we prefer not to become just another statistic by taking a thug induced shortcut to that forever gig in the sky! Likewise, we are not fond of being victims of armed robbery and being carjacked while loading or unloading the band equipment before or after a gig!

We will perform mostly cover songs and some original tunes, primarily for parties and special benefits, wedding receptions and festivals and events, avoiding the lounge scene as much as possible ... personally, I'm tired of dealing with the hassles of the smoke, drunks, dopers, & brawls. Currently, we have songs of all above mentioned genre in the master song list that are reasonably gig ready and we're not opposed to learning even more songs for wedding requests or another vocalist's desire to perform. After all if it doesn't feel like work, it must be fun, right??? Laissez les bon temps rouler!

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Millennium Mix
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Dec 18 2007
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Over 100
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1 time per week


PA equipment:
(Jim's) - 2006 Kustom PA System
1ea. - Kustom KPM8420T, 400W, 8 Chanel Powered Mixer and Stand
2ea. - Kustom KPC15 - 15inch Speakers & Stands,
2ea. - Kustom KPC12M - 12inch Floor Monitors.
Back-Up PA :
(Jimmy's) - Peavey 4 Chanel, 100W
1ea. Peavey 1 -15inch Black Widow Sub-Woofer
Microphones & Stands & Cables:
(Jim's) - 1ea. Shure SM-58, w/ stand and cables
(Jim's) - 1ea. Shure 585SA, w/ stand and cables
(Jim's) – 2ea. - AKG D8000S, w/ stands and cables
Vocal Harmonizer - (Jim's) - 1ea. 2020 - TC Helicon Critical Mass
Looper - (Jim's) Boss RC-1
1ea. - 1978 Fender F-15 Acoustic,
1ea. - 1965 Fender Stratocaster,
Electric Bass Guitar:
1ea. - 1966 Fender Mustang Bass
Instrument Amplifiers and Loud Speakers:
(Jim's) - Bass Amps
1ea. - 1966 Kustom 200, 200W w/ 2ea. - 15 inch Kustom Speakers in Cab
1ea. - 2019 Fender Rumble V3 200 Combo, 200W w/ 1ea.-15 inch Celestian Speaker
(Jim's) Guitar Amp
1ea. - 2014 Fender Champion 100 Combo, 100W w/ 2ea. - 12 inch Celestian Speakers,
Piano (Jimmy's) - Yamaha electric
(Jim's) - Casio CT-370, w/ Stand and; A/C Power Supply.
(Jim's) - Casio WK-500 w/ Stand and; A/C Power Supply