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This is sort of a joke. I have always wanted to try being a vocallist in a band or group, but the city where i live doesnt really have an outlet for "singers" unless your in a "metal band". I love music, im semi-trained, and i hope, with college study, to be a part-time voice coach in the future. FIRST i need to get better at playin the paino haha. my voice is best suited for jazz, classical, or a band you see at the "lilith fair" concerts haha. i have tried "rock" type singing, but for some reason i cant allow my voice to sing in an "un-propper" manner. damn voice teachings.

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Too many... I like almost every type of music from boradway to grunge, classical to rap, way too many. Some of my favorites are STP, soundgarden, coldplay, radiohead, the beatles, smashing pumpkins, foo-fighters, kenna, lauryn hill, fiona apple, and most 90's R&B music heh heh.


hahaha im poor; i have vocal-cords, is that good enough?