CJ deVillar is a world class recording & mix engineer from Los Angeles and has worked with: Quincy Jones * Van Halen * Michael Jackson * Disturbed * O.A.R. * P. Diddy and tons of independent artists who need that warm, punchy dynamic sound of the great records. You can receive that same production love, that same dynamic ear-candy mix and that same magic put to your recordings no matter where you live in the world. A provided secure password to one of CJ’s FTP servers can handle all of your mix reviews and final master delivery needs. We simply use Cellphone, eMail SMS, IM, or to communicate and we email mix passes to you for your approval. You can even live with it for a few days before you decide. This technique is used a lot by busy producers, lables and touring artists. It works so well, CJ’s steady clients will often stay at home even if they’re only a few miles away from his studio! For all the info, go to > ://CJdeVillar

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