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I have to confess that I am totally new to music and that my music styles cover multiple genres and at times the songs themselves seem to overlap thematically and stylistically but I feel liberated not to be confined to the conventional. I am not sure how these songs will be perceived now that they are out , my wife tells me that they are " interesting" and that no matter what ,I will always be a good writer !!. I do not play music instruments, I have some basic knowledge of scales and a bit of music theory, most of my melodies were inspired by hitting the piano keys till something happened and became my vocal melody at some point later,I use Yamaha QY 100 Music Sequencer for chord progressions and interesting intro's, I record all my songs in the living room past midnight when it is quite all around , I am sure you will find some noise that sneaked through in some songs. I don't have experience collaborating with others, had no gigs in my past,tried open mic's but always felt out of place,been always a band of one to a crowd of one but would like to share and get some feedback . I have to say from the outset that though the mood that permeates my songs is on the dark side it is not necessarily autobiographical but I gravitate to it by an unexplained pull, I relish inhabiting a state of mind that consumes and is sustained by raw emotions that transcend any narrative, I seek emotional catharsis that feeds on lyrics and harmony that are totally fictional but seem familiar nevertheless and indeed very welcome. And finally I would ask you to keep the curser over the song play button while the song is on so you can read my lyrics if my delivery is not up to par.Thank you.

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Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan.

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