In the spring of 2009, Ryan DiEoreo, a senior in High school picked up his first out of tune acoustic guitar and began his journey through creative arts. Singing out of key and mostly ranting he made his way to various open mic's and met important friends and foe's along the way. One of these friends, Chris Dembro, a graduate of UMASS Lowell decided to teach Ryan all there is to be about music and songwriting. By doing so he opened the doors in Ryan's mind and sparked the raging angst to change the world that Ryan has always possessed. While teaching Ryan the necessary skills that were needed to write music he also introduced him to other music. By May 2010, Ryan had the idea for Nameless Decade as he always thought what does one call this decade? Not the nineties, eighties, seventies, or sixties. He thought that the past ten years of horror in America could be described as Nameless. The concept for Nameless Decade was born and one of the main ideas that Nameless Decade tries to express is that time is not universal, life is constant, and love is the only savior of ones soul. "Verge of Calamity" released December 7, 2010 is filled with passion on the philosophical levels as well as in an artistic level. Filled with orchestral arrangements, backwards violins, synthesizers, acoustic and distorted electric guitars, booming bass-lines, and lyrics that will make you think about your simplistic life filled with complicated emotions and anxiety filled thoughts. The album was a huge success from a "nowhere man's" stand point. Songs that stand out from that album are "Change Your Ways" and "No Dancing". The latest single "Society is a Joke" released on April fools day, is a widely dynamic song with many different textures. "Rewriting History" the second album is slated to be released worldwide June 2011. The upcoming album is much more experimental and complex with backwards piano's and heavier sounds.

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