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lets get this out of the way first:
I am Married, ok moving along..
and don't ask me to play in a "Country band"? look at me? do I look like I would FIT in a Country band!!!
and NO I am NOT Looking for a Wedding Singer Cover band!! the IE is FLOODED with them Jukebox yo-yos??...lets hear something Upgraded!!...OMG?? Something "Original"!! (Gasp!!)

but seeking if Any left?? Female Drummers skill level not real Important at this stage, as long as your feeling comfortable in band and with others, will Progress fast so no worries.
but need to like Hard Rock!! and be open with all sorts of music but will be "Primary" Hard Rock..yes ROCK is a WIDE cover of Music for you "Millennials looking for a Voice to Categorize a new Music thing we been calling for over 60 years !!
call it what ya will? its Still Rock and Roll !!

male drummers? not really Interested in as they all seem to want to get paid for something they haven't earned yet?
like they have Played for Ozzy? or Dream Theater? or Black Sabbath or something?
wanna get paid? ok , After the gig when the cash is divided?
10? to what 30.00 nowdays? so get a clue?
wanna play sure!!! but your not getting paid? lets Move on..

and we are NOT looking for second "Guy" Guitarist..sorry..

we are Looking for a Second or Rhythm along with drummers..
"Female" or a Transgender Guitarist always welcome.

now back to Drummers,
now ONLY setting up Auditions at NON BACK LINE STUDIOS!!
as we have been setting them up at Studios where there are no drums.
for the guys? if like to try out??
Means you will have to do something "ORIGIANL" bring a set of Drums !!! or?? (GASP!!) have a set of Drums!! I know OMG!!!
yea? most Gal drummers Do NOT have this problem? don't know why??
if you wanna play music then lets ROCK if not stop bitching cause there is no one?? cause there are people!! but?? what is your
maybe your dog needs a Pedicure? and cant make the Audition?
or your Pet Iguana has an Identity Crissis? and couldn't make it?
Baahh bedroom You Tube POSERS..
get off the couch ,quit making excuses? and lets play some music.

what will we play??? don't know?? its up to you if you get your ASS off the Couch and we can all Figure it out?
but will be Hard Rock METAL and some mellow mix in there
Covers if there "SPICED UP" and Originals
(I know people freak when they hear ORIGINALS!!)
and "Panic" LOL
like OMG !! I cant play ORIGINALS?? I need to be in YET ANOTHER Wet Panther Cover band !! and Be a Rock Star !!
get over it !!
only one wet panther band !!! so lets move on !!!
and all kidding to steel panther, but you know how it is?

listen to My Music on this page !!.. as well think "Green Manalishi" from Judas Priest for more ideas on a "Cover Spiced Up"
you note for note posers I know will be fainting bout now??..LOL

AND HELL NO I DO NOT play BASS nor do I even own one.
I actually get asked to play Bass for many bands?? WTF???
so your not even gonna get a reply if you ask.
we are comprised of a Bassist a singer and Myself on Guitars.

looking for "MUSICIANS"... "Preferably Goth" etc.
to do something to ROCK !! Metal !!! ..ya know Driving Stuff !!
none of this pawnshop wonder fan boys looking to play that scream-O crap or " i am the next thing Flunkies"..???

would like to have a All Female, or Transgendered band
as long as you look like a "Girl"....LOL

but as well the 3 of us have "BEEN THERE and Done It" so we don't care if it goes Super Big, or stays in the garage? the fun factor is FIRST!! cause cant be good if ya cant have fun!!
could be in ANY SUPER SHRED BAND! but !! if the Chem isn't right? whats the point?? why jam with people your not going to be "FRIENDS WITH"

Micro-Yngwie's don't make the band better? the "Band Does"

I do NOT care if your Gay, Straight, Bi, Lesbian CrossDreser,
Transsexual, younger or older, Sideways pink-purple Alien from another Planet!!
.....It DOESNT MATTER!!.....cause music has no bounds....
if you play an "INSTURMENT" we need to do this !!

no I don't have an Attitude, but I just like to play music
you want to play or not??
if you don't have time?
don't waste the worlds "TIME" with YOUR EXCUSES.
you can play or cant?? really SIMPLE !!!
if not stay on Boo-Tube etc. etc.

just wanna get something rolling with "Anyone Looking to get something Rolling" something that is all about TEAM WORK !!
there will be NO LEADERS and NO FOLLOWERS everyone will be the same !!!
again we are not set in stone on anything so we are Very Open,
and we do have outside projects helping other bands, as well I wont play in "Another Cover Flunky Band" just a waste of time, for me Personally, but there cool to listen in the back ground when having a beer with friends
(there a Free Juke Box with really bad singers really??)

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May 20 2016
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Over 100
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my "Influences" ?? well, more like what am I Not Influenced by !! ITS ROCK AND ROLL !! everything from A to Z !!!
Aerosmith to ZZ-Top
but, what "I Like to play" is Hard Rock/METAL Theatrical etc. etc.
80srocker2014 at g mail
(OMG!! I cant Believe People CAN NOT Figure this out!!)

(one word no spaces) but I am sure "SOMEONE" can figure it out??
but I like,
OZZY, Anthrax,Iron Maiden, AXE, WASP,GWAR, Black Sabbath, DIO
LOUDNESS, Dokken, RATT, you can kinda get the idea?

Instrument experience:

Vocalist - Tenor:
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Vocalist - Alto:


now my Equipment ?? more like WHAT DONT I HAVE !! look at my page Man !?!?!?!? them are just SOME of my Guitars.

I have the Usual, "CUSTOM MARSHALL Heads"
and ENGL and HotRodded BUGERA Custom Amps
Custom ESP Guitars, CUSTOM Jackson Guitars
and custom Guitars from my Brothers Company RGX
How bout you??? any Equipment???
think about it?? if you don't have EQUIPMENT? how the hell we going to play a club? a Bar? or where ever??? Duh!!