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My name is Nathan. I have two different last names. Stolle and Kellough. I answer to both. (I prefer Stolle...) My band is called "Dynamorphic". I've been doing music for about 10 years. I would love to recruit some band members though, so we could actually go on tours. If I can get some talented and committed musicians together, then I already have the rest planned out. I am the vocalist and looking for a drummer, rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist, and a bass player. Maybe even a keyboard player. That would be an awesome bonus.
I already have songs written. (We can write new ones together as well). I already have ways of us getting professionally mixed, mastered, promoted, advertised, booked, and published, and even on the radio. I will help get us as much press as possible. I also have a way to get an industry standard website and merchandise for us. I already have a be channel and . All I need right now for us to get started is talented, creative, and committed band members. I hope to meet you guys soon.

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Nathan Stolle
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Jul 04 2016
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23 years


ERRA, Euphoreon, Scar Symmetry, Demotional, skillet, Work of Art, Children of Bodom, Persefone, Omnium Gatherum, In Flames, As I lay dying. Breaking Benjamin. Ravenface. All that Remains Soilwork. Mors Principium Est. RED,

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Nathan Stolle - Vocalist.


(At home and at Echo block recording studio)
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