Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums.


best description: proto-grind, or... what napalm death listened to before "scum" came out.

right now, looking for a drummer.

Contact Mike:
Cell - (310) 750-7942
E-mail - avizac23
AIM - smashyourface86
- ummaudino

The story behind the name:

Krishna Venta - California cult leader, born Francis Pencovic, in San Francisco on March 29, 1911. Venta founded the WKFL (Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith and Love) Fountain of the World cult in Simi Valley, California in the late 1940s. He claimed to have arrived on Earth - along with Adam & Eve - aboard a rocket ship from the planet NEOPHRATES. He legally changed his name to "Krishna Venta" in 1951. He died on December 10, 1958 in a suicide bombing set off by two former followers (Peter Duma Kamenoff and Ralph Muller) who charged that Venta had mishandled cult funds and had sex with their wives. A branch of the Fountain of the World cult was also established in Alaska. Fountain membership at both cult sites declined rapidly following Venta's death, and the cult had ceased to exist by the early 1970s. Many books about Charles Manson suggest that Manson, who visited the Fountain grounds during the late 1960s, lifted some his ideas from Venta.

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Oct 16 2007
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32 years


you don't have to know who these are, but if you can, go on and take a listen.

punk/hardcore: siege (mid 80's boston), s.o.b. (mid 80's jp), anti-cimex, rapt, and many others.

crossover: d.r.i. (early 80's tx/sf), s.o.d. (mid 80's nyc), many others.

metal: REPULSION (mid 80's michigan), slaughter (mid 80's toronto), venom (early 80's newcastle, uk), and many others.

Members Of Band

vocals - mike
guitar - john
(could use a 2nd guitar)
bass - nick
drums - still searching!