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Featuring top-tier equipment, modern acoustic design, and world-class sound, Nerve Strike Records is the perfect place to bring your musical vision to life. Whether you’re a band or a solo artist, a producer or a composer, or simply in need of a creative boost, NSR provides everything you need to enhance your project from start to finish.

On a desktop, a laptop, or even an iPhone, most artists have some kind of a home studio setup to compose and record their music. In fact, the majority of music recorded today is done on these types of setups. This is great for putting ideas together and even capturing great performances. However, when it comes to getting a finished, professional sound, the limitations of most home setups present serious obstacles. This is precisely where NSR can help.

Listening to your music in an acoustically tuned environment on mastering-grade monitors will reveal all the strengths and weaknesses of your tracks. Applying the right amount of eq, compression, and outboard processing will bring out the warmth, clarity, and balance people expect to hear from the artists they love.

Equipped with Pro Tools HDX, Dangerous and Apogee converters, Dynaudio Core 47 monitors with dual Core Subs, Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channels and 5059 Summing Mixer, API 3124+, Universal Audio 2-610 and 2-1176, Empirical Labs FATSO and Distressors, Manley Vari-Mu, Smart C2, Bettermaker Mastering EQ and Limiter, Kush Clariphonic MS, Flock Audio Patch 64, Dangerous Monitor ST Controller, and an assortment of microphone options including Neumann U67 (Tube), Neumann U87ai, Manley Ref C (Tube), and more.

Bringing major label quality to local and independent artists.

If you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, NSR can help you reach your goals.

Ideal for collaboration, composing, recording, mixing, and mastering.

Capture magic vocal and acoustic performances using a best-of-the-best assortment of microphones and analog gear.

Record live drums in our acoustically treated room, trigger/program your drums, or use a hybrid of both to get the perfect drum sound for your project.

Record or reamp your guitar and bass tracks with custom-dialed tones.

Warm up all your tracks running through high-grade analog gear.

Remote mixing, monitoring, and final master approval available via Source-Connect.

Need a vocalist or musician for your project? Need someone to collaborate with or help getting a particular sound? We’ve got you covered with a great network of studio-ready talent.

Allow us to help you take your sound to the next level.

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