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i began playing drums first of all at a very young age, and then started taking music lessons, learning piano, guitar and bass. i also play tuba, trombone and saxophone. i would have to say bass is my favorite instrument, and the most important thing in my songs. ;) ive always wanted to write songs and sort of always knew i was a musician. i guess it all had to do with desire as i could never find the "perfect" music for myself to listen to. ive been working ony my songs for a long time now and i went from an idiot who had no idea how to make music and thought he never could (no matter how bad i wanted to be) to an idiot who has no idea how to make music and has written an monstrous miscellany of music.

in short im recording what ive written of my first 3 EPs of a progressive blues/jazz/death/math fusion project. written and yet to record is a soft ambient rock EP (6 songs), a brutal metal demo (5 songs), 4 HEAVY gaze/black/ambient/doom tracks, and at least 3 underground beat hip/hop type track ideas (a good start to a project). all of these project share experimental, heavy mixed, genre-blending elements to them. i also create all the graphic design for my projects!

those interested in live band playing or anyone who wishes to hear out my ideas and collab with me are welcome!

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Noah McCullough
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Mar 11 2018
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Very Committed
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6-7 nights a week


my recommended albums

"No Wings to Speak of" .hopesfall.
"Catholic Guilt and the Queerest of Thoughts" All Human
"Omnivalence" Anomalous
"Piece of Time" Athiest
"300 Percent Density" Candiria
"Anomalies" Cephalic Carnage
"When Forever Comes Crashing" Converge
"None So Vile" Cryptopsy
"The Beyond" Cult of Luna
"Puzzle" Dada
"White Pony" Deftones
"Bug" Dinosaur Jr
"Cloak of Skies" Drug Honkey
"The Veil of Control" Dysrythmia
"Don't Take our Filth Away" Duck, Little Brother, Duck!
"Ire Works" The Dillinger Escape Plan
"The Painters Pallete" Ephel Duath
"Manipulator" The Fall of Troy
"The Always Open Mouth" Fear Before the March of Flames
"Sfortuna" Fine Before You Came
"Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Silence" Glassjaw
"Terra Incognita" Gojira
"Obscura" Gorguts
"Demon Days" Gorillaz
"Party with Villains" Lady Radiator
"Agape" Lantlos
"Bath" Maudlin of the Well
"Friends Applaud; the Comedy is Over" Me And Him Call It Us
"The Studio Album Collection" ;) Mr. Bungle
"The Anti Mother" Norma Jean
"Worse Than Alone" The Number Twelve Looks Like You
"Anthropocentric" The Ocean
"Spheres" Pestilence
"Unfortunate Snort" Pinkly Smooth
"Seasons in Silence" Sadist
"The Alchemy of Harmony" Serdce
"Smother Earth" The Snake Corps
"White Light from the Mouth of Infinity" Swans
"Esparistera Daimones" Triptykon
"Darkness, Oh Hell" Trophy Scars
"Leaves Turn Inside You" Unwound
"Written in Waters" Ved Buens Ende
"Want" Wreck and Reference

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-Lead Guitar: Schecter Omen 7
-Rythem Guitar: Ibanez Artcore AM53
-Bass: Ibanez SR305E
-Acoustics: Yamaha FGX-412C, Washburn EA9B
-Amp Head: Marshal Origin 20
-Cab: Custom 412
-Pedals: polytune 3, phase 90, distortion plus (TO HEAD), six band eq, super comp, smart gate, corona chorus, flashback 2, hall of fame 2 (FX LOOP)
-Drumset: Tama Imperialstar, Meinl/Paiste Cymbals, Gibs DP
-DAW: Mixcraft Pro Studio 8
-Mics: sm57s, sm58
-Recording Interface: Behringer UHD202