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___since i can only select 3 music genres that i like/do/enjoy, I'll write the other ones here: folk, jazz, punk, funk, latin, cover/tribute, lounge, reggae, blues, electronic, other, and ska. I'm VERY avante garde, always trying to make new sounds and ways of interpretting music, but at the same time i love making simple catchy (but more often on the psychedelic side pop songs, like 60s style), and sometimes just acoustic and singing, sometimes punk/grunge, sometimes Pixies-like, sometimes My Bloody Valentine like, The Velvet Underground/predonminantly Lou Reed like...Sublime, hybrid electro industrial rock like Nine inch nails, funky stuff, blues, slow smooth jazz (since I'm not very proficient in own style unntil i get better), really earthy music, aynthing you can really think of. My 2 main styles though are avante garde experimental alternative rock that I mix some electro with, and then simple acoustic/folk. I like to make strange art, and i like to make beautiful art even more. So there you go. If we'd play/collab well together, then what you just read makes total sense, minus the spelling and gramatical errors, (you NAZIS! lol jk). -Tim
I do it all "Sting Style" with my own little wannabeez studio. I got my life back together now and am looking for some serious audiophile freaks of nature to put together sometime that will rip her in half, yet switch up and start playing some smooth jazz/etc. I simply love music like all of you and am obcessed with sound. I'm always out on the edge tweaking with new ways of going about sequencing, playing, singing, making sounds, making sounds sound better, etc. I have literally thousands of recorded shoebox demos, and hundreds and hundreds of more quality multi-track demos, but that's all old cake to me. Once I finally have my new recording setup in place I'll be posting samples of my newer work. I'm looking to join a band btw. I definately want my own band someday/already have, but we never made it out of the garage because I was too tempermental, and in retrospect I simply needed a site like this to find the right people and places...(rambling, all those tangents you know?), I'm primarily focused on getting in on any of your acts and on stage. I'm not the type to give up..I'll play, do whatever you/you guys want me to for your band/group if I can do it. .soundclick/normalheights is an example of stuff I made in highschool and early college. They're all first pass tracks. Nothing official until I get some serious copywritting done. (and once I get my audio engineering certification :P). -Tim

(for the box lower below, I am available essentially at all times when it comes to music. Just need to work it around my schedule, and once that's setup, the band/music would come put me on the "24/7 list".

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Is this a joke? I know it's not for probably most of your people that'll read this, but sorry I can't say. I don't care how cliche it sounds, I'm a sound freak, I love sound. I'll rock the jukebox at a bar all night long, and love every crappy karaoke song that's sung. If you want a basic broud idea in wording though, "Rock-indie-punk/general electro/folk/hip-hop/and strait up experimental wtf? stuff." In less words than that, essentially: "Rock/Electro Hybrid"


I don't need to fill this out. How about talking first and listening to each other's demos.I have my gear ok?...and then some. Gotta love live looping! :)