Not My Circus


Band to Join, Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums.


A new project which will tolerate no lying, lazy lumps or passive/aggressive puss pimples.

I understand I'm looking for something very specific, but this is what I want and I'm too old to brook any crap from pretenders and egotists.

I want a two-guitar band (Keyboards are fine, but as an addition - not a replacement for a second guitar) where AT LEAST two of the members sing (I'd rather all four, but I've learned to make some concessions).

I want to be in a band with people who have the time to put into a band and will show up to rehearsal on rehearsal days. Musicianship and pride in what we're doing is important. No one expects Eddie Van Halen to walk through the door, but let's see a little effort. Yes?

I have time and money to invest in the right project, but I'm not going to throw money into a never-filling hole.

I want to be ready to gig (minimum of 30 TIGHT songs) within 90 days of putting the pieces in place.

Initially, practice should be AT LEAST twice a week to keep to that schedule.

I do not have practice space in my home, but I have the resources to secure a practice space once it seems like there's something to get excited about.

I don't want to hear: "Yeah, I need to listen to that one" for weeks on end when someone isn't cutting the mustard simply because they don't enjoy the song. Another phrase I NEVER want to hear again is: "Good enough". “Good enough” isn't really good enough until it is.

And please, for the love of all I hold holy, don't contact me with: "We need a bass player, but we have a singer and our music list is a little different, but it's better ...". I would prefer not to have a “lead singer” at all. I will thank you for your interest and bid you a good day.

All the songs on this page are written and performed by me (except "Beyond The Realms of Death" which, obviously, was written by Judas Priest, but it is me, performing it).

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Not My Circus
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Aug 07 2017
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Mostly 70s and 80s HARD rock and (what we used to call) heavy metal (before the thrashers were on the rise).

KISS, Priest, Iron Maiden, Rush, The Stones, The Who, Frijid Pink, (some) Metallica, AC/DC, Billy Squier, Pat Benatar, Van Headache, Heart, DIO, Led Zeppelin, The Scorpions, Accept, Twisted Sister ...

If it wasn't on FM radio in the 70s or heavy MTV rotation, in the 80s, I probably don't want to play it.

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American and Squier strats.
Epiphone Les Pauls.
Jackson Randy Rhoads Vs.
Epiphone Tony Iommi SG
Ibanez SA
Fender Mustang amplifier(S)
Boss Katana MKII
Ibanez 305 Bass
Acoustic B200H
Acoustic B115
Searching for an Acoustic B410
Various Pedals and sound boards (Including a talk box and Boss GT100 and a Boss GT1B)