NPMN (Neco Praeoccupor Morte Nex)


Other Percussion, Violin, Keyboard, Piano, Other, Cello, DJ, Electronic Music.


Tech Death Blackened Metal industrial Aggro

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Sep 10 2014
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Very Committed
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50 to 100
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More than 3 times per week
36 years


Metal-Industrial-Noise and everything in between. Keeping it dark always /,,/

Bands of note:
Deatheater, Hocico, Alien Vampires, X-Fusion, Vader, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Symbiosis, Acheron, Hate, Marduk, Angerfist, Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Type O Negative, Dimmu Borgir, Hocico, Necrophagist, Braindrill, COF, Pantera, Scar Symmetry, NIN, Dark SOHO, Infected Mushroom, Armin Van Buren, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Lorna Shore, Pantera, Agonoize, Mors Principium Est,

Members Of Band

Neco Morbus- VX,.Program, 9 String Guitar, Keys, Programming

Cyba Nexx- VX

Danny-Live Drums

IC3- 8 String Guitar

Juliette=5 String Fretless Bass Guitar

*ISO=Live Electronic Musicians

Hit us up if you like our sound/style and want to contribute in any way. We're open minded about talent in general. Let me know you're interested and I'll send you some songs you can download (specify whether you want a click and count in version and I have that too since it's what we use in our IEM system)


We have all pro gear and enough of it to run anything needed. We've got 3+ different personal production and rehearsal spaces and each is self contained. We do our own recording/production of all original material. Here's some shit we are running:

Rig 1=Dual Marshall Mode 4 halfstacks together with Hughes & Kettner Switchblade Halfstack merged via Morley ABC switch, Second ABC switch sends to FOH via Radial Active DI as well as a separate line to Computer/DAW via Focusrite Clarette USB Interface. My pedal board is full of secrets, but some items of note include Octaswitch, Dual Sennheisser Wireless systems, Decimator II, MXR10BandEQ, BossMT2WazaCraft, BossMT2 (OG), BossOD50, IbanezTubescreamerMini, DeizelHerbertPreamp, SMGCockblocker, DunlopMiniWah, MXRStudioComp, MXRLooper, etc.
Playing SchecterHellRaiserC-9, ESP/LTD HorizonH308, WashburnDime with SeymoreDuncanSentient pickups, ESP Explorer 6 String, LTD 5String Bass, etc.

Vocal Rig=T.C. Helicon Voiceplay Live 3 and a big ass rack full of vocal FX processors that are a trade secret, all Mogami/Monster patch and line cables
Using ShureBeta58 wireless mic

PA System JBLPRX835 pair, JBLEonOne pair, Roland KC 550 pair, dual BehringerKX1200s, Floor wedge monitors, wireless in ear monitor system, etc.

Drumset= Mostly Gretsch shells for 7 Toms, 2 Snares, 2 kicks in crisscrossing dual double bass (TamaSpeedCobras left aligned with AxisLongboard right aligned), Tons of Zildjan, Sabian, Paiste, etc. cymbals, dual remote high hats, RolandTD20/NordDrumSynth Brains controlling a full electronic kit with 4 toms, hi hat, ride, 3 cymbals, TD30Kick with TamaIronCobra double bass pedals plus custom triggers. Everything is micd and triggered then fed into a rack with gates/compressors per channel into Allen&Heath GL 2400

Lighting rig made up of 8+ lasers, 2 black light LED panels
Tons of controllers, keyboards, Synths, Racks, etc.