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Hey guys, My name is Josh and I have been playing guitar for about 7 years.My friend Mike is a drummer and has been doing that for about the same. We Love metal, death to be exact. We have been playing together for about 4 years total and are all about brutal music. love blast beats and metalcore style riffs with breakdowns and even some standard meal thrown in for effect. We are open to all sort of ideas and change. we just wanna start playing shows again. We have not had that opportunity since our old screamer moved out of state. If your interested please e-mail me at jm_kaufmanlive, We would prefure people between the ages of 18-27.Gender does not matter. thanks for your interest!

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Officer DoWork
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Jan 29 2010
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the black dahlia murder, necrophagist, in flames, i wrestled a bear once, born of osiris, all that remains, suicide silence, whitechapel, as blood runs black,knights of the abyss, burning the masses, all shall perish, Abigail Williams, at the throne of judgement, august burns red, all shall perish, sumatra, the tony danza tap dance extravaganza, winds on plague, to name a few...

Members Of Band

Josh- Guitar
Bass- You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike- Drums
Guitar- You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vocals- You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Friend Mike has A great pearl drums set with a pearl demon driver double bass pedal,

Josh-Line6 spider 3 120watt head with 4/12 b-52 cab. Schecter c-1 elite diamond series guitar, Jackson dinky series guitar,Epiphone les paul style guitar.