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I am a classically trained vocalist in fields like opera, musical theatre and contemporary music and a pretty decent guitarist considering I'm limited to two fingers because of an accident in church camp.... Long story.

Anyways, I practice every hour of everyday alone in my room and have been for the past four years of my life because that's just how college is sometimes.

I'm an English Education major at Ball State but I want to get back into recording and performing because I've always had a - seemingly annoying - passion for music.

My history in both writing and music have both led me to realise that I have a knack for writing songs. I have pages and pages worth of song ideas and I only have enough instrumental knowledge to go around for someone that decided one day as a young adult "you know what? I'm gonna make some music."

Here are some of my favorite lyrics I've written:

"Six O'Clock
An alarm goes off
Wakes Sisyphus from death
Two tired green eyes roll back
Their leathery curtains of flesh"

"Five til eight
Such great weight
Behind leathery curtains of flesh
All the same
Every day
Those two tired green eyes compress"

"Teardrops fall into circles under her eyes
But like clay in the rain they'll just form when they dry
So every day she moves the lines on her face
To form a semi sloping circle in the sopping wet clay
Beauty of denial"

"In a lake under a sea prone to oil spills
Lived a lively lifeless fish with no gills
A natural anomaly named blublub
And a single speck of light that lit up their void;
Blublub's single speck of joy"

"In a lake under a sea prone to oil spills
Lived a hungry angler fish perfectly still
Just another predator with sharpened fangs
Another hungry predator with luminescent bangs
Blublub's single speck of joy"

"It always starts
With a mended broken heart
Just the same two chords
Always the same two chords"

"Pay attention to a colorless dimension transcending essence and time
Did I forget to mention it's all in my mind
It's all in my mind"

"Voices ricochet from within my mind
A thought's echo gets louder with time
Misconstruing coincidence as sign
Tongue functioning in existential rhyme"

"I used to dwell in my thoughts like a snake
Hissing through my memories
Sometimes I'd crawl out of my ear
And whisper back into it
I don't belong here
I don't belong here"

"Plant your seeds of hope
In the gutter gardens
In the gutter gardens

So when it pours they'll grow
In the gutter gardens
In the gutter gardens"

"A raven on my window frame
Is cawing out my name
A raven on my window frame
Keeps wishing me away
A raven on my window frame keeps cawing out my name
And it sang 'plant your seeds of hope
In the gutter gardens"

"Before the Earth or the beginning of time
Before something as significant as this planet coughed up you and I
Before clouds of light spiraled into spheres of blue
It was dark"

"After I won the last battle but your war was truly done
After everything under the sun had been said and done
After this sphere of blue
Flattens into pictures of you
T'will be dark"

"I could have had a dream
I could have had a dream

Back of my eyelids project movie screens
Rundown cerebral projectors
My head now filled with empty seats
Unemployed subconscious directors
I could have had a dream
I could have had a dream"

"The spotlight starts to fade away
The color in the scene turns grey
The complete successful feeling
Of a plotline with an ending fades away

The credits role and the names start scrolling
But noone seems to read them fully
The movie's always over sunny
Cut the tape before it's pouring

What's behind the curtain after all the audience left
Kill the author-
End the chapter
Before true tears are wept
Nothing in reality is for me
Which is why I decided not to dream"

I'm looking for a band that can not only listen to my ideas but also give their ideas freely and openly. I want a band that can attend a reasonable amount of practices and gigs once we inevitably get better. I want to hangout with a group of people that are as serious about making this thing happen as I am that I don't have to constantly convince. I also want to be able to expect myself to do the same.

I'd only give my number if I really needed this............. (317) 384 - 9745

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Oh Imperfect Choir
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Mar 10 2020
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Very Committed
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10 to 50
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More than 3 times per week
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4-5 nights a week
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- Radiohead
- Pink Floyd
- John Lennon
- Nick Drake
- Ben Folds
- The Shins
- The Beatles
- Beach Boys
- Iron and Wine
-John Lennon
- New Wave Rebellion
- Courtney Barnett
- Jeffrey Lewis
- Cage the Elephant
- Modest Mouse
- Jimi Hendrix (somehow, idk, I just love the guy)
- Tyler the Creator
- Rex Orange County
- Kendrick Lamar
- Cotton Jones
- Dr. Dog

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- Accoustic guitar
- Hollowbody electric guitar
- Roland amp
- Presonus portable studio
- Microphone