Band to Join, Bass Guitar, Drums, Background Singer.



7/26/22: For the first time. Multiple Videos in tandem with multiple songs. Not how I like to produce. Shelving ideas while seeking new challenges. 'Another Day' to be officially released on over 200 sites. Gaining views and new subscribers. I'm losing them too. I'm fine with that. Was never out to take over the world. I have a testimony indeed. 'Hey, don't you have a band-mix page.'... funny. Then it soon turns into... 'sorry to hear about your kids.' So very easy to associate music with an experience. I'm coping indeed! Still working on 'That's why God Made Whiskey', seeking a Whisky sponsor for product placement. Why the hell not? I still will have my favorites in the mix. Lastly, it won't be an overseas enemy that will devastate your life. It will be an American. Yes... I do know. Drink up!

7/11/22: The government is going to kill me. It takes time. Brewing in the landscape. I assure you, not an American soul is immune to government intervention. Just be grateful you don’t have to a no-good talentless shadow running to the court at every turn collaborating with the Government so her daddy can hide his fuck-ups. My life is an American Tragedy. America can go straight to hell! I pinned my stars on the Devil. Will pay with my life. I cope. Bleeding profusely from the Silver Bullet Scheme. Can happen to almost anyone. Hell of an inspiration. An American Zombie is easily had. The last 20 tunes. Slowly being released. Hope to have a VEVO channel soon. Why the hell not!


Currently putting a 3-4 piece band together. Be local. Be within 10 miles of Downtown Naperville. Be committed. Be honest. Serve the song. Stand up straight. Blah blah… just don’t be an asshole or take a smoke break after each tune. Band minded. A trio would be ideal. Originals and covers.

6/16/22. If you play bass or drums… reach out in kind. I’m auditioning musicians for gigs, studio, and videos. Nothing to difficult.

“Alright! Ahh.. alright this is ah. This is an oldie. But uh… well it. Its an oldie where I come from. Alright guys uh this is a blues riff in B. Watch me for the changes & try to keep up. Ok?” M.S. McFly.

6/03/22: My first official single will be released on June 14th to over 200 music platforms! The upside-down American Flag cover was rejected. The new cover…more apropos. Please share my cause and testimony. So easy to throw a man away in America.

6/01/22: Hurray... the constitution works if you have money. Amber Heard is a typical daddy's little girl charlatan coat-tail riding heartless wench. It happens. Some wives actually go out of their way and thrive alongside their husband. Not in this entitlement era. You can be an adult woman and identify as an adult woman and still be daddy's little girl in the end. Johnny Depp will not end up being a Zombie. Good for him. To hell with all men who don't have money. The spouse can run to the court with a lie and devastate a man in Will County Illinois on the easy. I can walk you through the steps.
I thought for sure "That's why God Made Whiskey" would be my next tune. ZOMBIE fell out of the sky. Check out and share. All Silver Bullet Scheme recipients end up turning into Zombies. I am truly the epitome. Seeking my first client for Silver Bullet Scheme consulting and coaching. I assure you, the target will end up like a Zombie. Don't do an Amber Heard. Its best to implement the scheme before you run to the papers with a tall tale riddled with utter bullshit. Hard Fact: Johnny Depp has nothing on me. Looking forward to my first on location video shoot. Johnny Depp is a fucking Rock Star! I pinned my stars on a no good gullible ostentatious fool. Not all men have Johnny Depp money. The constitution is worthless for the throw aways of the world. Pathetic.

5/25/22: The most barbed situations can inspire a song. ZOMBIE. Check it out. Is it worth a shit? Does it matter. Its called coping from my point of view. Soon my entire body of work will be stripped of me by the government. I assure you that the devil is in the details. With Help From the Devil... You can make it a crime to post a picture of yourself with your own children. Don't end up like me America. Run to the court with a tall-tale and devastate a man. Never had so many problems till the Government was invited in my life. Seems to never happen with loving couples with shared goals and dreams. I was taken for a ride indeed. Now, just a Zombie. The end can't come soon enough for American throwaways. Easy to design. There is an out. Assisted Suicide is available in Colorado. My heart is dead. Waiting for my terminal diagnosis. After today, so ready to cash in my chips so to speak. My life is an American Tragedy! With the help from the Silver Bullet Scheme you can destroy anyone. Please share my cause before the system destroys me. If you want the same for your target... I can help. Fatherless America is very easy. I found out the hard way. Want to turn a negative into a positive. The silver bullet scheme is real. I can help make it a reality. Your target will turn into a Zombie indeed. Hope to have a video completed by June 3.

5/08/22: Matthew Haubert is the epitome of the Silver Bullet Scheme. Erased from his life. Please share my cause! Getting more traffic now than ever before. My rights are being trampled on by a bitter daddy’s little girl. Please help me! Fatherless America is so god damn easy. Even a 20 year respected public school teacher can be sabotaged. Treated like a career criminal to appease a mommy and daddy that never let go of their little girl. Now my girls are permanently fatherless. Thanks America. The system is a phonies wet dream of fraud, corruption, extortion, nepotism, and violence indeed. Recently created an Instagram account. Will be documenting the remainder of my life. Cancer, it’s an ugly business. The silver bullet scheme is worse. I will consult with anyone who wants to throw their spouse away. Currently taking appointments. I’m versed in the steps to devastate the father of your own children and more. Reach out if in need of a mob hitman like result minus the murder. Starts with a bogus order of protection. But there is much more to the scheme. My artifacts are priceless indeed. I am the example of the proven method to dispose of your spouse and take their children, possessions, family, career, and more. Please share my cause, like, subscribe, and comment. The American Dream is Dead for men like me. I can help speed up the process of dooming your target. Reach out. With my experience, your target will be seeking assisted suicide. Yes… unfortunately I do know.

5/04/22: If you have what it takes to forfeit and include the court in your affairs... there should be nothing to hide. You should have the integrity to stand behind your words. Not in this era of mandated doom. Fraud is winning big. Even Amber Heard will have to live with her footage for a lifetime. Most men don't get that chance; that is, to showcase to the world how evil and wicked others can be. Now the matter is plastered all over the world. I pinned my stars on a no good ostentatious fool as well. 20 songs later. Check them out and enjoy what's left of my work. The state already took my children, career, and hope. Why not my music. Apparently, you can't include the truth in your songs. Johnny Depp... nothing on me. In another 5 years Amber will look back and wish she could talk some sense into herself.
... & then it finally happened... being forced to remove and or edit my videos. Court order. Welcome to America. Anything to hide failure with more failure. Get the state involved and freedom is used like a rag. The American Dream is Dead. Run to the court with a lie and devastate a man for a lifetime.
Next song 'That's Why God Made Whiskey' in production. Again... please like and share.

4/17/22: New video will Premiere on 4/20/22 at 4:20pm and has a running time of 4 min and 20 seconds. Happenstance indeed. Please do me the honor and post, share, like, subscribe. As long as I’m still alive… I have a cause and purpose. My cancer battle…. It’s hell. The silver bullet scheme… a living hell. When I die… so will all my pain. I’m undeserving of my plight. Don’t end up like me. Desperate Housewife Syndrome meets Amber Heard. I’m damn sure a song will be had. The first step toward opening the door for a dream killing machine; pin your stars on a charlatan. The system is a failure. Please share. May help the next throw away to be had. Johnny Depp has nothing on me! Not a god damn thing. The American Dream… more like a wet dream for frauds, hucksters, and charlatans. I’m actually in a good mood today.

3/4/22: New material to be had soon. Recent jams have been solid. Grateful for recent auditions, emails, and likes. Do me the honor and like and share my YT. A body of work has emerged. I’m truly worth much more. The Silver Bullet Scheme is dreadful.

No, I don’t get paid by or receive an income from ‘Follow the Evidence Productions’. It’s a made up company all for video sake.

1/2/22: You can find yourself ‘Under the Light of Doom. Found in the heart of every Father thats been thrown away by the system. Run to the court with a lie…. A plight is had.

1/17/22: Twitter permanently suspended my account. A badge of honor of a kind. Freedom… always on a razors edge. Please like & share my videos. If you don’t have a cause in life, you’ll never be silenced. The era we have inherited is commonly referred to as the end.

12/03/21: Sleeping between couches as of recent. Seeking musicians to jam with on the regular. Still writing songs and producing videos. Currently fronting a power trio. Still have time and energy for another band/project. Respond in kind.

Recent songs and videos… a musical documentary of sorts. If I drank and smoked I’d be dead. How does one cope when the world has you down… Grateful for recent sessions and current band. Yet, still restless as ever. I’m 2 minutes from downtown Naperville.

Fatherless America is so very easy. I know of the most diabolical scheme that will result in your spouse loosing everything. If you were one of my students back in the day. I take everything back I once said about our failure of a nation. After 20 years as a Middle School Teacher. All it took was a nasty lie and a crooked Lawyer. I will never recite the pledge again until proper Justice has been achieved. In short, the state determined I am more than qualified to have 1000s of students in my life. Yet, can't see my own children. The experiment is a failure because the system is a failure and a bitter woman. Children on my own girls VB team can be in my class; yet can't see my own. Here are 1000s children in the community that can be in your life daily. Yet, you are not allowed to see your children because you sang satire in a mic.

Please ask to see the discovery footage of the charlatan that made it possible.

People both vomit and cry after viewing how very heartless and ruthless a woman can be.

The one I spent 30 years of my life. Now, has left me hopeless and penniless With the help of Will County Court. State mandated suicidal Ideas is all your left with. Nobody blames me. A broken system. A magistrate for Fatherless America. Who in the hell would want to raise a family in IL. Corruption from Navy Pier to Springfield.

All I have is my music now. It never bitches back, tells me how to live my life, control my destiny, or go out its way to sabotage my life. After 70 Chemos, 30 Radiation Treatments, port, colostomy bag, reversal, and more... Cancer, the shrapnel is worse than the condition. Activly being sabotaged for the last 8 years of my marriage to appease the FIL.

Sorry my Cancer got in the way of your Daddy's dreams.

In short, I pinned my stars a a full-time Daughter that never came of age. Now I'm left with a body of work that did nothing but help me cope. My life is a cautionary tale indeed. I pinned my stars on the devils shadow. I am paying the price dearly.

Will County IL is a magistrate for Fatherless America.

Please help and share my videos. May help others. Who knows?

These songs just don't fall out of the sky. Coping... And being brow-beaten for that as well. The American Dream is Dead!

Run to the courts with a lie and a tear in the eye. You can destroy a man with ease.

The Silver Bullet Scheme awaits any and all men.

As of 6/3/21: Just secured my first Gig with the new Band. Will Make a new Bandmix page and Y.Tube Page. Hope to premier first video and single at the show. Possibly two.
A 30 song set list in which subtle background vocals would truly be an enhancement. An act to be had.

Saturday August 14 in Bolingbrook IL. My band will have the pleasure to perform for all Veterans that attend. 90 Minutes of stage time. Why the hell not. Add details soon.

Book my Band! 'The 3°'

As of 4/13/21: Seeking Gigs and seeking more gigs!
Band is on the ready. So very Grateful. Venues, parties, clubs, outposts, dives, benefits, garages... maybe not garages.
Power Trio seeking an audience. Who could ask for more? Me. Why the hell not? Hire my band and enjoy the show.

As of 1/24/21: Bassist secured

As of 1/10/21: Percussionist secured

As of 9/13/19: The Government Destroyed my life. Ronald Reagan was right. Once the government is in your life; its all over. I pray I die in my sleep every night and talk myself out of suicide each morning. More common now than every before State mandated failure. The American Dream is dead. Don't get me started....

Yes, I produce and mix my own material and videos. Commercials too. And yes, I will mix your song and produce a video for you and/or your band.

View and Like my videos if you dare. Pass along. Even if you don't like, still pass along.

We are all experiencing cultural suicide. The independent mind is rare in these unfortunate times.

I'm being threatened to remove my videos because of lyric content? Where is Dee Snider when you need him? Such bullshit our country has turned into.

I will persevere, its in my nature.

Why the shades?.. .. why the hell not?

Original Tunes:.
12/27/18 - This is not a Love Song
01/04/19 - Lead Song
02/17/19 - Rachel Jean
12/25/19 - Snow Angels - Video
01/03/20 - Tony Robbins Told Me So - Video
03/18/20 - Vows - Video
04/07/20 - Desperate Housewife Syndrome - Video
06/03/20 - Paradise Cove - Video
07/04/20 - Revelation 6 - Video
07/13/20 - Come of Age - Video
07/30/20 - Scarlet Red - Video
09/13/20 - Transactional Love - Video
11/13/20 - LoveIsSoAbused - Video
12/13/20 - Sparrows & Doves - Video
01/03/21 - Memories Fade - Video
04/13/21 - Wicked Madness (This is Not How I Dream) - Video
06/03/21 - The American Dream is Dead - Video
07/04/21 - The Expendable Man - Video
08/13/21 - Punish me (Paradise Cove Reprise) - Video
10/20/21 - No Salvation - Video
01/30/22 - With Help From the Devil - Video
02/22/22 - Under the Light of Doom - Video
04/20/22 - Go Ask Your Mother - Video
06/03/22 - ZOMBIE - Video - first official single. 6/14/22 Ditto release.
08/26/22 - Another Day - Video -Ditto
09/13/22 - Believe In - Video - Ditto
10/20/22 - American Dream is Dead - Video - Ditto

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Feb 17 2015
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Very Committed
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50 to 100
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More than 3 times per week
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6-7 nights a week


Classic Rock and more: The Beatles, Sting, John Mellencamp, Billy Joel, Dio, Stray Cats, James Taylor, Sammy Hagar, Santana, Candlebox, Kings X, Sade, Hendrix, Joe Jackson, Chicago, Queensryche, Rush, Sound Garden, Armored Saint, The Petenders, Dire Straits, Tom Petty, The Boxtops, Cream, The Animals, Satchmo, Classic IV, Elvis, America, The Yardbirds, David Bowie, Dion, Peter Green, Neil Young, Donovan, ELP, The Moody Blues, Ten Years After, Tommy James, Sugar Loaf, Bobby Darin, Eddie Cochran, Roy Orbison, Santos and Johnny, Del Shannon, Gloria Jones, Sam the Sham, one of my brothers, and my childhood neighbor Sam.

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Rock Attitude, attention to detail, stage presence, confidence, motivation, gratitude, selflessness, pride, integrity, respect, trustworthiness... I know... sounds like a pipe-dream in this era.

I play a $300 Jackson Dinky JS32. & purchased a 2nd (merry x-and to me 2021). Use fender picks(351 Shape Classic Thin). Ernie Ball Super Slinky. Plus 2 back up Jackson guitars. JS34, & ?. I play the shit out of those as well; with the most endearing intentions. They love me back in the proper.

The Hybrid Experience - no complaints. Back to 9 Gage Slinky.

Quick on the fly sample videos of covers and Originals. Have learned how to produce a pretty solid Rock video and more. I could spend my time pretending. I have a product of a kind. Is it worth a damn? I still have tomorrow.

12/1, 12/17, 12/20, 12/23,
Xmas Night of 2018, 12/29,

1/1, 2/13, 3/24, 4/2. 4/19, 5/10, 5/25, 6/12, 6/13, 6/14, 6/28, 6/29, 7/2, 10/20, 11/13, Xmas Night of 2019.

... find your lyrics, easy. Wait till the ones you loved and trusted stabs you in the front. A plethora of lyrics await the sorry SOBs and Dirty-Rotten-Bastards of the world. Life is a tragedy indeed. I should have been writing love songs for crying aloud! How we cope? How I cope? You are experiencing it now as you read and/or dare listen to my body of work.

Mental hygiene of sorts. I suppose I could simply drink and smoke to oblivion... but why? America is making that possible minus the toxins. My recent production, a learning curve being had plus pain management.

America came to my home on 9/13/19 and cancelled me. My story is a cautionary tale that is so very typical in America. I just happen to write about it and more.

I wish I was a raging alcoholic and smoked unfiltered camels. Cancer, it will humble your ass. My days are truly numbered. Each day is a gift. Add a bitter woman with a scorned father... 'I pinned my stars on a shadow'. My fault. In return, after 'Behavior' is reported to the State; the Government infiltrates your world. Its terrible. A shared vomit and tears experience to be had. My life is a cautionary tale indeed. There is no Liberty. There is no Freedom.

America: those who thrive with formal fraud, shared corruption, and legal extortion; Cock-Blocked in America. A hell of a cause to sing about. Not that I'm bored. The 9 most tragic words have me now and there is nothing I can do about it. An inspiration of the most sordid sort. I should have been writing love songs. Ask me how to implement the 'Silver Bullet Scheme'. Your spouse will be gone forever and ever. I use to be a somebody in America. 'Lost my 3 girls, 2 dogs, and my home.' The system is designed to make it possible.

Killing it with my new band. No shit! So very grateful and fortunate. My life was robbed of me; filling Voids. Executing 3 hours of Covers plus a bag of original material.

IT TAKES 20 YEARS TO BE AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS. In my case, 30 Years. Not that it matters. Play for its own sake and never be disappointed in your efforts. Moments are fleeting…

Lastly, I have BANDMIX to thank. Member since 2017. Have been fortunate enough to have jammed with close to 50 acts. It didn't fall out of the sky. It takes work... I don't have a poison pill in the landscape of my life sabotaging this endeavor. Hell of a trade. Lost everything I ever worked for to appease My Father In Laws need to be needed. He never let her go. I have paid dearly. Let your daughters go Dads. My FIL, my ex wife was his 2nd wife. A failure to thrive circumstance is had. All I have now is a dream and a Rock Band. No Family, No children, no assets, no Job, no hope... Sounds like a typical Rocker. Not out to take over the world. Yet, rich as ever. FJB.

… the blank videos. A silver bullet scheme yield. The enhancements keep coming. I truly pinned my stars on the Devil.

I am a grateful Man. Each Day is a gift and a nightmare. No longer afraid of death. Who would be after what I have experienced.



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