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As of 4/13/21: Seeking Gigs and seeking more gigs!
Band is on the ready. So very Grateful. Venues, parties, clubs, outposts, dives, benefits, garages... maybe not garages.
Power Trio seeking an audience. Who could ask for more? Me. Why the hell not? Hire my band and enjoy the show.

As of 1/24/21: Bassist secured

As of 1/10/21: Percussionist secured

As of 9/13/19: The Government Destroyed my life. Ronald Reagan was right. Once the government is in your life; its all over. I pray I die in my sleep every night and talk myself out of suicide each morning. More common now than every before State mandated failure. The American Dream is dead. Don't get me started....

Yes, I produce and mix my own material and videos. And yes, I will mix your song and produce a video for you and/or your band.

View and Like my videos. Pass along. Even if you don't like, still pass along.

We are all experiencing cultural suicide. The independent mind is rare in these unfortunate times. Can you believe that I'm being threatened to remove my videos because of lyric content? Where is Dee Snider when you need him? Such bullsh*t our country has turned into.

I will persevere, its in my nature.

Why the shades?.. .. why the hell not?

Original Tunes:.
12/27/18 - This is not a Love Song
01/04/19 - Lead Song
02/17/19 - Rachel Jean
12/25/19 - Snow Angels - Video
01/03/20 - Tony Robbins Told Me So - Video
03/18/20 - Vows - Video
04/07/20 - Desperate Housewife Syndrome - Video
06/03/20 - Paradise Cove - Video
07/04/20 - Revelation 6 - Video
07/13/20 - Come of Age - Video
07/30/20 - Scarlet Red - Video
09/13/20 - Transactional Love - Video
11/13/20 - LoveIsSoAbused - Video
12/13/20 - Sparrows and Doves - Video
01/03/21 - Memories Fade - Video
04/13/21 - Wicked Madness (This is Not How I Dream) - Video

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Classic Rock. The Beatles, Sting, John Mellencamp, Billy Joel, Dio, Stray Cats, James Taylor, Sammy Hagar, Santana, Candlebox, Kings X, Sade, Hendrix, Joe Jackson, Chicago, Queensryche, Sound Garden, Armored Saint, The Petenders, Tom Petty, Rush, The Boxtops, Cream, The Animals, Satchmo, Classic IV, Elvis, America, The Yardbirds, David Bowie, Dion, Peter Green, Neil Young, Donovan, ELP, The Moody Blues, Ten Years After, Tommy James, Sugar Loaf,

Still and Listening/playing: Roxanne(Radio Silence), Peter Gabriel, Olta Ocean, Lenny Kravitz, KXM, Lynch Mob, Chicken Foot....

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Rock Attitude, attention to detail, stage presence, confidence, motivation, gratitude, selflessness, pride, integrity, respect, trustworthiness... I play a $300 Jackson Dinky JS32. Use fender picks(351 Shape Classic Thin). Ernie Ball Super Slinky. Using hybrid as of recent. Plus 2 back up Jackson guitars. I beat the shit out of those as well. They love me back in the proper.

Quick on the fly sample videos. Most cover tunes. .
Quick review;15-20 min investment of an array of songs. Illustration purposes. Following the evidence with respect to total views as of recent. Enjoy.

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