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If you want to contact me you will have to do it first since I can't unless I pay which I can't afford to. So......I'm not a normal human. I have issues with anxiety, depression and stuff. If you are ok with that read on. So I have played music as a hobby on and off for a very long time though I never had the opportunity to try to take it further due to being poor/no money for good gear + socially inept. I guess that's why I'm on here. I am NOT a pro at all so please don't expect that and also my skills have severely languished from disuse and age. I've basically given up with music but If someone would give me a chance just to jam I would be overjoyed just for that. Maybe I can/could grow into a more proficient musician if given the chance and support of other musicians.

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I can't even list them all because I listen to so many genres of music but I would have to say METAL (and all the sub genres within it (some of which are 'a bit much' for most people) is what I listen to most often. But....I'm open to playing nearly anything so long as I can figure something out. I can appreciate and enjoy pretty much most styles of music....although the blues is kinda my least liked genre but it's certainly not bad music, just different tastes you know. So that should indicate that I have a nearly endless appreciation for music. But as I said METAL-ish music is what I can "play" the best and gravitate toward and 'gets me going' the best. The tuning(s) can be whatever...I'm experimenting with super low tunings which makes it hard to play all the songs most people know but whatever. I'm not stuck on a particular tuning if I could find someone to jam with coherently.

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I have 1 electric guitar and currently no viable amp. What I mean is I have an amp but it weighs about 100lbs so I'm not dragging it anywhere plus it is just a modified cheapo fender frontman so it really doesn't sound too great either. I might get a new cheap practice amp or I could just use one if you got an extra one to plug into. I also have an electric bass which is currently unstrung but I can get it in playing condition if need be.