Outlaw Music Studio


In our studio you can relax and focus on your music and release your full creativity and talent.

We offer a range of services from recording, mixing, mastering. We also can produce and publish your recordings.

Between sessions enjoy the many recreational opportunities that the area has to offer or simply kick back, go for a hike, take a swim in the pool or write new music.

We offer complete session packages that include lodging and catering in addition to your recording sessions and you can select from a wide range of recreational activities included in this package while we prepare your mixes for your review.

We support high definition digital (HDX) and analog recordings, state-of-the-art full color mood lighting throughout the studio and video streaming options to connect with your fan base.

Our console is a completely refurbished, classic Neotek Elite studio console. The Neotek console has been used to produce many award winning recordings. Our console interfaces with a Protools HDX system, with 64 channels high-definitions audio and also with our 24 track analog recorder and our Sony mastering tape. We offer a wide selection of microphones and amplifiers, drums, keyboards and a piano.

Publish your songs electronically (download) or on CD and/or Vinyl.

Call us for more information about the studio and talk with our sound engineers and our producer.

We do support qualified new artist and offer free recording and production to new talent (schedule permitting).

Call us for more information at 435-259-0900.

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Dec 22 2019
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Contact us! We offer hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates.

We will support new talented artists with free recording support.


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