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I have a band to tour with on the local, regional, or national circuits. We play nearly all original, jazz influenced Christian music. We will be opening for two national touring Christian bands in August. We have permanent rehearsal space in Charleroi (pictured) where we have everything set up.

Our two female singers have considerable experience. The tenor/alto has been touring for 13 years and has four records to her credit. The alto/soprano has sung both on and off-broadway. She was in the first run on Broadway of the rock opera Tommy. She played the Acid Queen. Our pianist is also our songwriter. He has written songs for several national and international acts and events and has over ninety songs in his portfolio. We recently added a superb fiddle player that also sings. Our bass player is excellent and has been a studio musician for several years. We are looking for a cellist and a jazz guitarist. If you can sing that would be a huge plus. I’m the sound engineer and I have toured for years and in the last year alone mixed on tour in over twenty states for audiences up to 30,000.

We have our own Tech Rider friendly equipment, including the truck and trailer pictured and everything listed below. Or you can work with yours. I have included part of my “Tech Rider” as an example. This is all in my standard inventory package. The photos include two of our rehearsal space with the backline set up. There is more and better f.o.h. gear like Meyer Sound and DB TECHNOLOGIES, but that equipment is primarily for large scale venues not typically useful for most venues. When I include the backline rider it doesn’t mean you have to use it. If you don’t want to use my backline that’s fine. I offer the backline for ease of setup and transport not as a requirement except for some multi-band festivals.

My equipment has been updated and is all less than 3 years old. The following is just a partial, though representative, list:

* 1 Allen & Heath GLD 80 with the Waves Sound Grid ports, the Waves Impact Server Combo, and the Live, API, SSL, Abbey Road, and NEVE plug in packages, plus several individual plug ins and packages like Bass and Drums, and MaxBass. I use this for both live and recording. When recording I send 96k resolution signals through the Waves to my MacBook Pro. I use Presonus Studio 4.0 DAW software to work on the Mac for up to 48 channels. I also have the A&H 24/12 and 16/8 digital stage boxes, 100 foot and 300 foot Cat-6 cables and two 12 channel, 50 foot, drop box, analog side snakes;
* 1 Allen & Heath QuPac compact digital mixer controlled by an iPad 12.9 for ease of transport and smaller venues. It is also a superb drum and/or track digital mixer;
* 12 QSC KW181 18 inch powered subwoofers;
* 12 QSC KLA12 powered Kompact Line Arrays;
* 8 QSC KW122 powered stage monitors;
* 4 QSC KW153 powered three way towers;
* 4 QSC K10 powered top boxes;
* 4 QSC KSub powered subs;
* 2 Ear Trumpet Myrtle condenser mikes;
* 4 Sennheiser e965 condenser vocal mikes;
* 4 Sennheiser MD431 condenser vocal mikes;
* 6 Sennheiser e945 vocal mikes;
* 4 Sennheiser e906 Guitar Amp mics and 1 Neumann TLM102 for lead or bass;
* 6 Earthworks DK25L drum mikes with two bass modules, 1 Sennheiser e904 clip on drum mike for snare, one e906 and one Audio D6 kick drum mic;
* 1 matched pair of Shure KSM137 acoustic instrument mikes; and,
* 4 light trees with four multi-color LED pots on each.

Additionally, my backline consists of :

* 1 Two Rock Studio Pro 35 1x12 Guitar amp Combo;
* 1 Marshall DSL40c 1x12 guitar amp Combo;
* 1 vintage mid 1970s Fender Twin Reverb;
* 1 Glockenklang Blue Rock 1000 bass amp with two Glockenklang Duo Art 2x10 Neo cabinets;
* 1 Ampeg PF500 2x10 Bass Combo;
* 1 Suzuki electric baby grand;
* 1 Hagstrom Jazz 800 electric Hollowbody electric guitar;
* 1 Yamaha CP40 Stage 88 key electric piano; and,
* 1 five piece set of Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau shells and new heads, and a six piece Sabian cymbal kit.

The entire package can be downsized to handle as few as ten patients and five nurses in a hospice care center; up to an upscaled rig for an outdoor festival of over 15,000 people. I know, I’ve used it for both extremes to the satisfaction of my hosts.

I have a degree in music production and have been mixing or playing professionally since 1962. In the last four years I have done over 100 events each year. This includes touring with several bands to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio, New York, and much of Pennsylvania. I have done sound for eh440, As We Are, Commander Cody, We Are Vessel, Shepherds Voice, Red Letter Hymnal, Shine Effect, From the Top, and Risen to Save. I have also done several large scale productions at Christian Center, Sandy Cove and Journey by Grace as well as multiple band, multiday festivals in Wytheville, Jumonville, Sandy Cove, Concert in the Park, Palm Coast, and New Smyrna as well as private conferences like two National Women of Destiny Conferences, numerous district conferences and several retreats for different groups, and tv shows.

Our one singer also her degree in music and plays harp also. Our fiddle player also has her degree in music and plays several instruments including mandolin, ukulele and viola.

We are a serious group of very committed music professionals looking for committed, high quality musical talent. If you are interested you can call me at fouronetwo-sevenonefour-eightfourtwoone.

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