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Who wants to be part of a super cover band. It will be a band consisting of as many members as it takes to have a band that knows and can play over 300 songs. Imagine being in a band that can play out 4 or 5 nights a week and not having to play the same song more than once, for that week. You may want to only play 20 of my songs, and just play with me and whoever, one or two nights a week. That would be great. Eventually, this band could promote itself as the band that knows over 300 songs. We could also have guest appearances by musicians in other bands who may want to play some of our songs.

The thing with me is, I know well over 250 songs, mostly upbeat, harmonic, radio friendly, rock. If I am going to sing and play bass, I need to stick to my song lists, as I have spent a lot of time learning and practicing many, many songs. I do add new ones, weekly, but, I also need to keep practicing the ones I learned, so, I am VERY particular about what songs I sing and play. I only have so much music time, usually 30-40 hours a week, that I spend on my song lists. I don't have to play out with the band every night, so, the members can play songs that I don't sing or play, when I am not there. I am also willing to listen to your originals and maybe play them too, but, I am not making any promises. I used to write songs and maybe we can even write some new ones together.

I play many songs, sung by women, so, I would like some female vocalists/musicians in the band as well. I would also like to find a manager or have a band member take that position to coordinate all the gigs, the band members of this super cover band and the songs we would be playing.

I have over 30 lists of songs that I work with. Many of the songs are on several different lists, so, it is not as overwhelming as it may appear to be. I probably have songs from over 100 artists and bands on my lists. What cover band can say their song list has songs from over 100 artists ?

Included in these song lists are karaoke and instrumental videos of most of the songs I work on. These are great for learning and practicing vocals and bass for me. I also made about 20 videos of me singing and playing bass with some 20 karaoke sound tracks of songs I do that you can see and listen to here, to get an idea of what I sound like with a band. I am planing on making many more of these videos, as a tribute to upbeat harmonic rock music, even if this super cover band project never happens. In fact that is what this band could be, a tribute band to UPBEAT HARMONIC ROCK MUSIC or just a rock music tribute band. This is much better than being a tribute band to one band. We would have so many options. We could have a Beatles set, a 60's, 70's 80's 90's, 2000s etc, sets for female vocalists songs, acoustic sets, hard rock sets, Journey sets and on and on.

Again, you could be a part time player in a super band or you could be a full time member.

If you search, "Paul Quintilone song lists," on be, you should be able to find most of my song lists, but, here is a link to them, if you wish to check some of them out:


I work with the 4 "Buzz" song lists a lot.

I hope to hear from you. 796-8262 Paul

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Upbeat harmonic rock, old and new.

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Ibanez 5 string bass, mics, vocal reverb machines, mixers and a P. A. system.