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Experienced guitarist, bassist with some lead and backing vocal experience-BMI, ASCAP and all that-literally hundreds of gigs, studio work and production work under my belt.....Ive toured up and down the East coast more times than I want to or can remember. At this point-I am primarily looking to collaborate.......someone business minded yet someone who can get along socially (best creative experience is two like minded people IMO). I have hundreds of songs written, partially written etc. I have a home studio. For the last 20 yrs I have been primarily a “bird dog” basically finding artists producing their demo and helping them to get signed for a small royalty.
Covid came, that went south…Yada, yada- it came back a little but my approach changed as well….I am looking to collaborate but - more about marketing my material (or yours as well if something comes together- ala Jerry Lynn Williams (look him up)- write em, record them and get them to people…..royalty split commensurate to contribution (for example, if its one of mine and you put the vocal on that gets it moved, it won’t be 50/50 split bc I will want a piece of the publishing rights, and vice versa, if its your song that moves and I do a vocal/guitar and/ or bass- I don’t expect 50% of 7%)- I am not a dick, I just want to be forthright upfront. The best situation is a semi-social situation, where people get along creatively and are open enough to be both contributive and a gentle critic, that’s what I would be looking for. no bullshit, lots of creative fun, good sense of humor, friendly, collaborative, business mnded.

Its important we mesh so- I am an introvert by nature but pretty open really when working on a proj. And we are known to each other. I have cynical sense of humor, self depricating. I have been called smart, shy, intelligent, forward thinking, creative, funny and many other things that shouldn’t be repeated. I don’t have any preconceived notion that I am better than anyone- I have lots of experiences but that doesn’t make me better, maybe a little luckier is all.
I grew up in Philly so even after a decade in the midwest I still kind of have a hard east coast edge and thick skin.

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Freddie King, BB King, Eric Clapton, SRV, Lifeson, Page, Hendrix the list is endless for Guitar Influences.....

On bass- Entwistle, Lee, Squire, McCartney, Bruce, Miller, Jaco, Nathan East

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Clapton strat, Player strat, epiphone sheraton ii, PRS SE, Les Paul, Takimine acoustic, epiphone acoustic, Fender Telecaster, Fender Jazz bass, fender amps (a few of them), Fl Studio and digital and analog (ribbon) recording capabilities……basically Too much shit- clearly I have an equipment addiction issue