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For the last few years I've been working pretty hard on learning to play my bass and learning to play jazz on my bass. While I've thought this before and been wrong, at this point I think I'm at a place in my learning process where it makes sense to switch from focusing on my individual skills to focusing on playing music with other people, and this is where you come in.

I'm hoping to find some folks to practice with once a week for a while. The goal will be to get some tunes worked out well enough that people will want to hear us play, and maybe even be willing to pay to hear us play, and then find a place to go perform. I hope the process won't take more than a few months, but because I've never done it before I don't really know. While I don't have a clear time-frame in mind, let me reiterate that I do have a clear goal: to work out a set of tunes and perform them somewhere.

In terms of musical style, my first choice is either instrumental or vocal jazz standards. I'm open to trying other things, but I really want something with room for improvisation and for the bass to move around a little. I'd also like to do some solos and maybe play the bow some of the time. (I should add that, in terms of reading, I'm good with charts, but most of my practice reading music was back when I played piano and cello as a kid so I'm not very good at reading music on my bass.)

In terms of instrumentation, I'm again pretty open to whatever turns up. I'd love to work with a vocalist. If you sing and play guitar or piano, it seems like it would be pretty easy to put together a set, either as a duo or with a drummer. Maybe look at adding a horn later. If you play guitar or piano but don't sing, we'd probably want to do a trio or quartet with a singer or horn player and/or maybe a drummer. Play drums? Sing? Play a horn? Great, get in touch!

I have practice space, a small drum kit, and a small PA at my house near the I-70 I-25 intersection. Because I can't drive, my first choice is to practice here, but if it needs to be somewhere else I can figure something out. 

So that's where my music journey has me at the moment. If you're in a place where you think it makes sense for you and me to travel together for a while, drop me a line and we can get together to jam a little bit, see if we like each other, and generally what's what.

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