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My name is Pauly (lead singer/songwriter, formerly of Landlord, SpinnPhoenix [in NJ], and Silent Rage) and I’m putting together a band to take the Northern New Jersey/NYC Metro area by storm, to start! This project maximizes its impact with a well-defined mission and strong all-original stance. Players should be prepared to perform and record a variety of styles and multiple song interpretations. Welcoming variety in image and skill sets, but be prepared to be interactive with audiences and innovative with performance technology. Project will start off from a stable foundation of development of Pauly material and then, after gaining momentum and establishing band loyalty and focus, will welcome and count on co-writing opportunities. Mainstay will be rock, with alternative and hard and metal flavors added, in addition to blues, funk, and country-oriented variations in material.

The motivating spirit behind this project is the drive to not only DO something different, but to BE something different. The lyrics are insightful, often spiritual and patriotic, sometimes hard-hitting or humorous. The idea is to assemble a group that can throw together a set and perform in practically ANY venue and be true to itself and make an impact. The drive will be to produce and perform enough material and GET PAID well enough to sustain being able to produce MORE music, while becoming a positive motivating force in American society. If I’ve struck a chord, contact me and set up a preliminary interview!

Looking for 1.) an individual/individuals with strong theory skills and co-writing ability to form cornerstone of group with Pauly; and 2.) as many total pieces as it takes to be able to pull off fairly full-sounding arrangements live, preferably with a handful of multi-instrumentalists. Also seeking A/V techs and/or artists to facilitate stunning live shows in a variety of venues.

Current projects are: 1.) "A Voice Crying Out for Sandy Relief" (acoustic-oriented/rock local touring, with video campaign), 2.) "Pauly & the Provision" (folk rock/jazzy/etc. acoustic-capable ensemble), and 3.) a rock band, heavy on working man themes...

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Wide variety of styles and artists... too many and too complex to list.

I'm primarily a lyricist/singer, so I've usually got plenty to say (can you tell from the profile?), but I love people and I've got a decent sense of humor, so that directly influences my flexibilty and energy

Some favorites off the top, though: RUSH, The Police, The Cult, The Cure, Billy Joel, TNT (especially Tony Harnell, including solo works), Nine Inch Nails, Hall & Oates, Heart, Def Leppard, Slade, AC/DC, Kings X, Herb Alpert, Boston, Ra, Big Country, Dio, Asia, GTR, Helix, Ratt

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Pauly Catalyst is a unique animal: while I am seeking full-time writing/performing partner(s), and while I can & have & will show up to do an acoutic gig alone, I am also eager to and & willing to & have showed up at a venue to jam with and perform on the fly with anybody who digs and can pick up my music. Hop aboard, get a taste, roll where it leads you: for a night or a while, let's have some fun wit' it! And as I mentioned above, I am looking to form or join up with a full-bore rock band, to take it the full distance...


music samples in Music Player along side, in My Band tab on top

audio samples above are just the tip of the iceberg, rough demos to give a splash sound and hint at the energy... material is my very own and home recorded (except for "Headhunter", which is all mine and performed live by an old band in my past, SILENT RAGE). My best material and recordings are co-writes which I'll introduce in person, so there's plenty to look forward to...

Feel free to call me on my cell at 862-222-0275 if you're serious about getting things done and making great music that moves people!

P.S. PLEASE do make first contact via my optonline email and/or a cell phone call! Feel free to also drop a line via this site, of course, but communication has been quirky at times, so make solid first contact personally so I can be sure my replies are getting through to you