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P-Duble's new single "Respect," debuts at #9 on the Audio Street Christian Rap charts.

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Pike Street Music - Colossians 3:17

P-Duble's newest release "If I Die..." - 6/1/08!!!!!!

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Almost Famous

My son Brayden is now famous. Here's what happened…

About a month ago, Brayden and three of his 9-year-old friends got together on a Saturday afternoon and decided to make a movie. Using a digital video camera and thankfully not my basement, they spent most of the weekend making a 55 second epic.

That Sunday evening around 7pm (prime time for young computer users), I helped them post it on a makeshift page that I quickly created for them page. Within minutes, they had several comments, and, according to Brayden, many more the next day at school.

And so the following weekend, they made another movie. This one was longer, more technically complicated and shot in more than one location. Sunday evening at 7pm, they posted again. More buzz, more interest.

Last weekend they took it up another notch entirely, adding costumes, fire, moving objects, etc... and even a plot. This time, on Sunday at 7pm, kids were waiting by their computers. That Monday afternoon at school, the buzz had grown so large that the boys had to be escorted out of the building by two uniformed police officers.

Okay, I totally made that last part up. But you get the picture… lots of interest in the student body.

Some (actual) highlights from the past 30 days:

* Over 100 kids from Brayden's class have posted comments about the videos on this page. Many are now clamoring to appear in future episodes.

# Several people in town have gone out of their way to mention the videos to my wife Jodie and me, some of whom don't even have kids in the same school.
# The teacher who runs the film program at the high school got wind of the videos, sought out the boys, and wants them to enter a local film competition.

"So what?", you ask. So this. What's happened to Brayden and his friends over the past month has everything to do with your project; whatever it may be. Because when you look at the impact they've had, you'll notice two important things:

1. You can't force a following. They didn't promote the videos, they just started posting them. Kids found them, liked them, and told other kids.

In this fickle music business, people are always asking me the same question: "How do we grow the size of our fan list?" My answer is always the same: "How did you find me?"

Ha, ha! I am kidding. My answer is always: "Have something that your target audience wants to read/hear/see and word will spread."

The Brayden Boys aren't creating their videos as a means to an end, they're just trying to create great videos. See if you can approach your own stuff in the same way.
# List size doesn't matter; talking to the right people does. 100 kids doesn't sound like a very big number. Until you realize that those 100 kids represent 80% of his entire class. In terms of getting the attention of the right audience (for them), these four boys are airing the SuperBowl every Sunday night.

Now look at what you're doing. Are readers eagerly awaiting your next e-mail? Are they telling other people about your music? Are they sending you feedback, making suggestions, clamoring to be included in future editions?

Until these kinds of things are happening with what you're doing, don't bother trying to grow your list. It doesn't matter. What you need are fans… not politely tolerant recipients. Because when it comes to generating actual fans for your actual project who will pay you actual money, ten of the former will outperform ten thousand of the latter.

Before you worry about making your list larger, figure out which narrow slice of the universe you're trying to influence. Then provide content that those people will anticipate and pass along. Fans.

Here's the bottom line. When it comes to your stuff, see if you can approach it more like a bunch of high school kids trying to stand out on Monday morning, and less like a marketer trying to sneak into someone's in-box. I know you want to grow your fan-base, but until you can crack the code on what your fans want, you'll remain invisible.

As for The Brayden Boys and their video fame, I have no idea how long it will last. I'm just glad they've felt what it's like to touch a nerve and develop a following. Once you've experienced that – whether in growing a fan-base or simply growing a high school reputation – there's no settling for anything less.



There are some changes about to hit the music world soon and we want you to be the first to know. On June 1st, one of the more unique and edgier albums to hit the streets will drop.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, most importantly, you'll be able to download the entire project for free for a limited-time. You'll be able to access ringtones, photos and wall-paper; all for free and only for a limited time window.. Just keep your eyes open and watching not only your e-mail, but also checking the website:


...for more information.

This is all in celebration of an album project more than a year in the making and what may be the final release from a veteran MC who has been spreading the gospel for more than 15 years. P-Duble's newest full-length release, titled: "If I Die..." is all set and ready to drop.. This Christian rap project is hard and rolls with a significant edge with a strong foundation in the scripture. Easy, right? Wrong! With many hours of writing, rewriting, recording, rerecording, etc....the project is strapped for those caught deep in the street game and may just be one of the edgier and harder Christian rap projects to have been released since the early 1990's releases from S. S. Mob, the CMC's and the Gospel Gangsters.

This project includes 20 tracks and features cameos from the likes of Bridget Winterman, T-Huzzie, Ty Wills, Heavyweight, BW + LX, Mims and Luppy. Produced by the Kaulipepper Klik and co-produced by Quite Stankable Productions in conjunction with Stay Beat Music, the tracks are not only bangin', but the hooks are catchy and the delivery is on-point and constructed. This new release is not for the faint of heart, as it delves deep into subject matter than many turn their heads away from and may not even know exists, especially existing for the those whom have been saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ.

We're really excited about the changes that we feel the Lord is planning to bring with this new project and we hope you are too. Remember, the Lord works in mysterious ways and even those trapped in the deepest of the concrete jungles need to hear the gospel and in a way they can relate to.

In Him,

Keith Scarlett

P-Duble and the entire Pike Street Music ministry team