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Hi, call me Perf. I'm a stereotypical bassist, so I like my space. I am a pretty reserved, introverted person. Despite this, I still need something to do with my life that isn't rotting in my bedroom. I am sensitive to loud sounds, so if your goal is to be rowdy, count me out (I do have earplugs). Before musician, I am an artist and literature enthusiast- to say, I am a massive nerd. My main goal is to just make friends (that is so sad to read, ew) and have something to do with myself while developing a skill. Fame is not my priority and most likely never will be. Fun Facts? I'm from Texas, and I have a pet frog. To avoid mix-ups, I am genderqueer, and my pronouns are he/him.

I am a hobbyist at best. I've had this bass for around three years, but I'd be lying if I said I played consistently. I can't do anything fancy, and I'm barely anything more than a novice. I'm getting back into it after a very long break of not playing, so I am considerably rusty. I know, I know, not very appealing. That's okay, I'm only interested in a band that I can learn and grow with. If I gotta list things off like a resume, I've played 2 "shows" and knew a grand total of 6 complete songs. Everything else under my belt are just ditties and scales/exercises. I do not know theory, but it's kind of a desire of mine to learn. I cannot sing while playing (yet), but this is something I'd like to practice. I learn mostly ear, but tabs/notes are a good supplement. I can't read/write music well at all

Contact: IG perfidious_prophet , TWT perfprophet , EMAIL percivalgoat , DISCORD PerfidiousProphet#5498

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Feb 28 2022
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Mother Mother, Tally Hall (No longer a fan, but have experience playing their music), The Oh Hellos, The Crane Wives, Ringlefinch, Lincoln, The Hush Sound, VGM, miscellaneous hyperpop (ew). But I'll learn to play just about anything that isn't latin or heavy metal...or jazz, jazz is hard

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rumble 25 amp, ibanez gio short scale bass