Perry and the travellers is a genuine southern rock group formed in late spring of 2004 in a remote place called Hammarö of Sweden. The group is known for it’s right on “I don’t give a damn” attitude and the lifestyle of members Perry, Andy, Danny & Joltan is what keeps the "south" in southern alive. The music sets you back 30 years or more to the roots of rock and that whole era when reckless attitude and good rock music was all you needed. The melodies, the hard strumming of Andy’s and Perry’s guitars and the hard-hitting loud drums of Joltan makes you tickle inside because you get the feeling that these guys are going to re-invite the fabulous tunes of the 70’s into popular music culture again. The bands songwriter Perry simply has the gift to write songs that touch you in a spot that rarely gets stimulated. When the music vibrates out of your home stereo you feel like you want to jump out the window and run it off.

The bands influences are first and foremost Lynyrd skynyrd and bands like "The who", Stones and Creedence. The Members of the band have strong roots in rock music since childhood and they have developed a very unique individual style. The band has played around fifty dates across Sweden in clubs, festivals and gatherings and has grown in to a cool confidence that really pays off. In the spring of 2005 they released an EP; “Max light” recorded at studio cobra in Stockholm with three songs including the big hit “Streetlight”. The EP was used for promotional purpose and was sold in local stores in Karlstad. The record has also been aired on radio stations and has received a great deal of good reviews. In early 2006 the band started to record a set of six songs in Åmål at Dead end productions and have also during the summer recorded an additional three songs at Dust studios in Karlstad. The eagerly awaited full-length album was released in september 2006 on HGM records.

Recently Perry and the travellers recorded there second masterpiece Leon Studios outside of Karlstad. This time it’s a live studio recording and will be released in the early spring 2008! If you like good old rock with wicked harmony’s and melody’s and feel that the popular music of today needs a little kick in the ass, tune in to Perry and the travellers and I promise, you will be re-born.

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Perry and The Travellers
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Jun 17 2008
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Past Events

Perry and his brother Claus will be arriveing in New York City from Sweden, to vistit different city's threw out the US for a month, to start planing a
2009 sommer tour of the United States. The band say that its very importent find the right citys that will make the biggest impact when planing a self-promoted.