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I always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. So I got a bass, figuring it would be easy. After all, it only has four strings. How hard could it be? I did that for a while and got to the point where I didn't suck. I then thought, how hard could those other two strings be to learn? Maybe I can learn to play the guitar now. So I picked up Mel Bay's "Guitar for Beginners" Book #1. I am almost done with that book, just one more string to learn. As soon as I get that string down I am going to form a band.

Update, I finished book #1 and when I started book #1 I learned about this thing called "Chords". I figure I only need to learn three of these to be able to play rock'n'roll. I've already learned to play an "A" chord. So any suggestions on what chord I should learn next would be appreciated. I'll keep working on chords...

So the saga continues. I found that if I learned to be proficient with three cords, G, C, and D, I could play country music. So I practiced really hard on those three cords and joined a country band. It was amazing. I could play a whole two hour set with just three chords. Then I found that I could do Rock music with A, D and E chords. I am really getting that hang of this thing. Next is playing lead. I am learning.

So I joined this band called "Change of Control" as the bass player. Going back to 4 strings has been a great help to me. I only need to hit one note at a time and chords are really a thing on bass like on guitar. Great bunch of guys that don't seem to min that I play out of tune most of the time. At the last gig I was actually introduced as their "mediocre" bass player. I was thrilled, as I didn't realize I was that good. I have will post of the stuff we recorded. I hope you like it.

I am also playing with a band called George Zeo & Family as the "Lead Guitarist" which is fine since I can't really play chords. It's a lot of fun, and no one really notices that I can't really play. I guess it's because I have a really nice Tobacco Sunburst Les Paul Standard that I play. I look really cool with that guitar. It seems that you really only need to look good, and not actually need to be good. But I am still trying to learn.

Well guys, June 2019 will go down as one of the most fun in my playing career. I played to several "Sold Out" events with George Zeo and Family. The crowds have been very enthusiastic. The video for the song "Family" has had over 20,000 views in the last 45 days. The Change of Control band has been busy as well. We played a packed venue at the Ambler Music Fest. The crowd was loud and crazy. What a great gig. It seems that I am slowly, but surely, ascending beyond mediocrity. I may actually be approaching proficiency. I will continue to practice and see where it takes me. Until then, I will keep you posted........

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