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Right now I am seriously looking for a drummer to record an album of original songs with me. I will be the producer/mixer/guitar, pretty much do everything on this album..artwork the deals for distribution and all that.

Looking for a friendly, nice person around my age (teens to mid 20's), who can take direction and experiment - in other words go past what you know and take chances on stuff tha might seem strange at first. Seriouly though, you have to have a good attitude and patience and a real serious passion for music making. I'm 23, and a guy, it doesn't matter if you're a girl or guy at all though. The music is not that hard so don't be intimidated.

We would record in my garage or in my room, so you would have to bring your drum set to my house. I can help with that, i have a car, and maybe the whole kit will fit in it.. or we can devide the load.

As for the pay- i don't work so we would just have to take a chance and devide whatever money we make after the album starts selling. I've already read and investigated many distribution branches. I am fairly certain that we can make a succesfull and a quality album, that could even be recgnized. I'm prepared to do the work of advertising, making posters, sending the album demo to stations and giving it out to stores. So far i'm planning to pay for everything after the album is finished.. meaning making the copys with a professional replicator/duplicator, making the advertisements, etc. So basically we'd be making this album, hopefully as friends if we decid to continue working together; no stress, trying to have fun while doing it. Just remember, this isn't really a JOB, but as soon as the album is made and we can start selling it and distributing, that is when we start making the money and devide it however we agree.

I've had around 10 years of experience in acctuall songwriting recording (since i was around 13), and I totally positive i can see this project through.

So if you are interested, please send me an email, telling em about yourself and any info that you want me to know that would let me know who you are. Ofcourse ask questions, as many as you can, so there'll be no surprises later. There's much more to tell if you are interested.

I don't care if you had any giggin experience or any band experience. We're not gonna gig. This "band" that the album is going to be by does not gig. So if you're looking for a band to gig with, this is not it. This is just the making/producing of an album at my house. If it works out, I would love to continue working together on other projects - i play many different styles and make much diff music. It'd be cool if this lead to a steady music-making relationship.

So please write me with your questions and info. Hope to hear from you! Thank you for reading this.

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everythign i hear influences me. Bands that i was in love with have been: Beatles, Beck, Tom Waits, Nirvana, Visotsky, Brazillian music (too many people to list - Joao ofcourse), rock, rap, classical, jazz, pop, all music of the word (any music I havn't heard excites me).


mixer, dynamic mics, condenser mics. but i got many more instruments, more than a couple guitars, percussion instruments, etc.