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Metal mangler, wood butcher, nail bender ... ie carpenter by day, wannabe guitarist at night...

The first 5 tunes on the list were recorded with my guitar plugged into a Digitech GNX4 Guitar Workstation plugged into my Randall Amp and that's it....., I didn't quite have it dialed in yet, the sound is kinda rough, Lots to learn yet.

Something like this...

" The Meth Lab boys stole all my construction toys
Called the cops but they don't care
Now I can't afford new underwear

The boss is riding on my ass gave me my final warning
No! not for smoking grass, I was late again this morning "

Prometheus Jam and the other 4 tunes (1-5) are on "The Final Insanity" compilation, just a mixture of stuff I came up with, all jumbled together and played spontaneously on the fly one night in '08 after a rough 6-12's work week, kinda represents the stuff I mess with, I guess. The other 5 tunes (6-10) are on the "Black Spiders" compilation from 2005, stuff I composed on the guitar and transcribed to guitar tab and plugged into Guitar Pro software.........

I am not a professional musician, I didn't take music classes or go to fancy music schools... I love Rock N Metal and do this for fun as a hobby

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Nugent, Young, Iommi, Rhoads, Mustaine, Malmsteen, Satriani, Vai.. are the reason why I play


(Guitar) Ibanez RGT42DX Black Pearl, (Amp) Randall RG100SC G2 Series 100 Watt (Effects Pedals) Digitech GNX4 Guitar Workstation, ... stomp boxes - Digitech Metal Masters distortion, Digidelay, Digiverb, Stereo Chorus & BBE Sonic Stomp Maximizer