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So, a few months back I decided it was time to "retire", if that makes sense. I'd been playing music since I was a kid in junior high. I'd lost a host of jobs over the years to play music, and to some extent it worked for me. I've gotten to do a bunch of things I've always wanted to do. Met people. Saw places. Had fun. It got to the point where I thought I was over all that, so I decided it was time to pack it in and I'd just play at home when the mood strikes. That works to a point but it isn't really satisfying me. I'm primarily a guitarist (at an okay level of proficiency for me. I'm no shredder) but I do own a bass and have played bass in bands in the past.

I wanna jam. I don't want to tour. I don't want to play a whole bunch of shows. I don't even want to get together more than maybe twice a month tops, or drive a whole bunch of miles to do it. Hell, if I got together with a group say once a month and played a show every 6-8 months that'd be fine with me. I don't have a problem playing covers but I don't wanna play the same tired songs that every other cover band is playing.

I've got a crazy work schedule, and my job has to take priority over music. Got a house to pay for and a family to support.

My taste in music runs all over the place. I can turn on Slayer, Luke Combs,Alice in Chains, BB King, Johnny Cash, Metallica or Prince at any given time and enjoy what's coming out of the speakers. Playing wise, I tend to run towards the harder stuff but I do like to learn and I think it'd be fun to venture outside the box, so to speak.

So if this sounds like something to you, and maybe you're in the same boat I am, let me know. I'm not going to set up a paid account here, but if you went to the Gee mail, and dropped a line to tpogue77, you'd get me. Leave contact info and we can talk.

(note: in the "videos" section I put a cover song that I played guitar and bass on, and I also put in an original song I played all the guitars on. The cover is brand new, and the original was recorded in late 2017/early 2018 in Long Island, NY. )

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