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Very diverse Dance Music Cover Band - Fronted by an extremely versatile Female Vocalist who refuses to be stuck in one genre or style of music. We don't play the norm any more. If Hot Hot Hot by: Buster Poindexter isn't your thing, neither are we.

This website won't allow us to share our or our website... FYI. Eric (708) 703-1590 (PLZ leave a message if I don't answer ) thx

We are looking for a permanent bass player who really wants to put the work in! We try to keep our gig schedule as full as we can. It varies from 1 gig a month to 7 or 8 at this point. It depends on the season.

We have tons of TOP 40 song medleys & the lead singer also plays drums and Latin percussion, so it leaves the door wide open to play some pretty fun, upbeat dance music!

For the bass players… You must be able to find the pocket… and not create one of your own. Actually learning the songs is important, so if you’re a person that thinks you don’t need to learn the music, and just asks the key of every song, and fumbles your way through the music, or you pull up charts that are incorrect, and can’t even hear if you’re in the right place or playing in the right key… because you don’t plan on learning the songs… please… avoid contacting us. We have wasted our time on far too many people who just want to make money and put in a half-assed effort.

We will not be changing the format of the band just to suit what you want to play… so please, don’t try to push us into being what your idea of the perfect thing is. We get booked well because of our format.

We fully expect you to learn and perform every song with the same passion and quality… even when you absolutely hate a song. That’s called “being professional”.

You will be expected to be at band practice! We can’t get tighter or learn new songs if you don’t show up. We do rotate in new songs regularly, so you need to know that we do not stop learning new songs or creating new medleys. We don’t stop at the end of the first gig song list. There are dozens and dozens more… and your past in music, and songs you are passionate about can effect the backup list, as long as they fit the format. Our staples are not the normal staples. Be prepared to learn a bunch of music you have never played before. If you enjoy learning new songs… hey, make sure to contact us!

If you are a band hopper, and play with a gazillion different projects, this is probably not the band for you. We might be able to handle giving up a date now and then, but if we have to book around multiple projects, then we have to find a backup for you. That doesn’t work well for us because it effects the quality and consistency of our performances. We will be selfish with your availability, because we want to say yes to every good gig offer. We will book heavier the more available you make yourself, so the days of multiple bands are over, and you can pretty much dedicate to just one. You won’t need other bands to fill dates if you simply give us open availability. We do book last minute gigs, and those are typically higher paid than any fill in gig you can get. The tighter we are, the more money we can ask for. The better we get, and the more available you are to us, the fuller our calendar gets.

Thank for reading! If you’re interested in a NON-ROCK based band… (we do play a bit of rock… but not much)… then click that message button! We play to fill the dance floor… not to impress or attract your “too cool for school” male rocker friends. Our aim… is actually playing for the women, and the dancers. Let’s get positive! We want to play weddings, right?

In dance music, the groove, feel, and speed of the music is important, so our goal is to give that to the people. When you do it right, your dance floor will be full!

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Everyone & everything

We play Pop, R&B, Calypso, Latin, Disco, Funk, Swing, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Classic Rock, Folk, Country, Alternative… etc. As long as it’s danceable, and typically upbeat and positive feeling, it fits into the gamut of what we do.

We are all about throwing a positivity party that feels like you’re on vacation somewhere or on a cruise ship, rather than showing off for friends or rocking out. Although that is fun from time to time, we do not curb our music list for rockers. Sorry rockers. There are enough rock bands out there. We don’t need to be “just another rock band”. We will always do something different! Peace to you though! You do you! Respect.


No worries....we come prepared!