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DRUID ENTERTAINMENT was started in 1990 by "Promoter" Ray.The first show was in Ft Worth Tx at Club Emotions on S Hemphill.I have been fortunate enough to promote bands in Dfw area for over 20 yrs.Was mentored thru Ashley Talent back in the day.Have booked over 5000 shows at local venues like;Emotions,Joes Garage,Side Pocket,Dirty Perch,The Rail.The Ranch,Tomcats West,TNA Rocks,Odd Balls,Squaw Creek Country Vlub,Lone Star country club,basement,dcl,mongos,savoys one and two,Fast Freddies,Stumpys,J Gilligans,Jeaters Court,Peppermill,Cliff Hangers,Charlies Lounge,Fatsos,Broncos,The Rock,On the Rocks,West End Market ,stage,Orileys one and two,Vampite Lounge,Loose Change,Trees,
I have booked alot of top talent over the years such as ASKA,Gashly Crumb,Drowning Pool,Nipple,Lord Slugg,Project 232,Knuckle Groove,Tramier,Twistin Cane,Rare Magic,Magick,Neverdead,Stress,Vigl Annie,Hard Attack,John Nitzinger,Molly Hatchet,nikki mckibbin,lsd,ignitor,reverend,Kry,Volume Dealer,Monkey Kills,Realm,Bad Live,Echo Park,Liquid Sky,Koe,Sally Majestic,Katsuk,Spoon Fed Tribe,Nixons,Element ,Warlock Texas,Ritual Misery,80,Pimpadelic,Hellafied Funk Crue,

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Most bands pay 20 percent of whatever we pull at door,bar,comp etc,Most times i produce an entire show,tour,event,fest,fundraiser,etc.Most shows all bands get paid unless they dont bring people.I have my on local crowd support but expect bands to promote themselves as well.Support The Local Scene