I consider myself to be a well-rounded - although amateur - musician. I took music lessons when I was young, and participated in school band programs thru my 3rd year of college. I was in the trumpet section of the Razorback Marching Band for 3 seasons. I still have the trumpet I used then, and I'd use it for another musical situation. Since graduation I've become a good guitarist. I've played with many bands that were basically bar bands, and I played in a Contemporary Christian band that almost got a major recording contract. That Christian band did some Secular Rock and Pop in addition to the religious stuff. I switch around and do some lead guitar parts, some rhythm guitar parts, and I love to play bass. I've learned a wide variety of songs, new, and really old, and I never refuse to learn a song. It doesn't matter to me whether I play in a band that does Heavy Metal, Punk, Christian Rock, or Country. I want to play what people want to hear. Make a suggestion. I'd like to do some good videos to put on be, and other sites, and I'd like to play local gigs for money, and I'll see where it goes from here. Maybe I'll be successful with a band, or maybe I can do better if I form a duet act with a female singer. I have original songs that have been recorded with full-instrumentation, that have a track left over to add the singing, and I'd most like to find a female singer to add that. I need for musicians to come to me. I have a jam room in a big house on Cherry Street in Pine Bluff. There's an electric piano in there, and I have 7 electric guitars, and a few good acoustic guitars, and 2 Marshall amps, 2 Fender amps, several big speakers, pro recording equipment, and other stuff. We can maybe talk on here, or thru that other ad site that we all know about. - Randal Bean

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There are too many varied influences for me to mention.


The most important thing is that I have a few good acoustic guitars, good amps and speakers, and 7 electric guitars - 5 Gibson guitars and 2 Fender guitars - and 3 of the guitars are electric bass guitars.