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I'm (so far) a freelance guitarist/producer, writing and recording songs for my "band," Bound Razor Scars. It's more of a recording project, as I've done nearly all of the recording in them and programmed the drums. I've played funk, folk, southern rock, alternative, modern rock, acoustic, and metal.

Production has been an interest of mine for the longest time, but I've only been producing for about three years. Nevertheless, I'm quite confident in my production skills, as you'll find I've posted only fully produced tracks to the profile.

Played bass for eight years, and my interest in the instrument actually led to my learning guitar, which I've played for four years. Contrary to common knowledge about me, I actually play keyboards and have played piano for thirteen years. I can program synthesizers as well and have an extensive knowledge about effects. Learned all three instruments by ear and I have perfect pitch. This aids my vocal abilities as well, since I can hear what pitch I'm hitting and correct myself, as well as hear the intervals.

I'm a huge perfectionist and if things aren't perfect, you can tell I'm not satisfied. This is why it bugs me that I can't play some of the more technical metal riffs. This perfectionism carries over into my productions as well, and I probably won't be happy with the results of a recording unless it's exactly perfect.

In addition I have several strong opinions about certain genres (not discussed here, as they are non-issues), specific hardware, and ... well, actual effects. I hate Line6 POD systems, because they may have accurate amp models, but AT LEAST the cabinet models are absolute crap. Also, I hate over-using modulation effects on guitar, because you can get a REALLY bad sound REALLY quickly. I also tend to dislike slapback delay.

Aside from that, I'm open to sounds and I usually know what I'm doing as far as tone is concerned. I've been told I have good taste with keyboard sounds.

So that's pretty much me.

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Porcupine Tree, Killswitch Engage, Young the Giant, Circa Survive, Periphery, A Day to Remember, Nightwish, After Forever, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Lostprophets, Bass Communion, Hammock, Emery, Vestascension, and Porcupine Tree again.


Ibanez RG321MH (soon); Epiphone Les Paul Standard (which sucks); Zoom G9.2tt guitar effects; PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL (not actually mine, but I use it); Dell XPS 15 (custom with a Core i7 quad core); Shure Beta 57A; long hair; *pirated* Guitar Rig Pro 4 (considering purchasing Guitar Rig Pro 5 + Kontrol); several plugins for production.