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I'm a guitar teacher and I play every day. I really enjoy it, and I feel like an integral part of my ongoing education and practice is playing with other musicians. I'm going a bit stir crazy these days, because the band I've been in for the past couple years has dissolved. The reason for our demise might give you an idea of what I'm looking for: We got along great, and everyone had songs they'd written, with three part harmonies; and we had fun covers of songs from the Jackson Five to Guns 'n' Roses, as well as a growing repertoire of Jazz Standards. This was all great, but I always get an itch to show something like that off, and the other band members had too many other commitments to play out enough to make me happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not itching to be famous, and I'd prefer to do some jamming and let something more serious happen organically. But, you know, if you build a boat, you tend to want to see if it'll float. So that's it, I'm a serious musician with or without a band, but I prefer to be in one, and if it gets good I'm going to want the personnel to be able to clear some of their schedule for doing shows, making recordings, and the like.

That said, I'm not particularly interested in doing the genre thing. I like the Indie kind of independence, although, oddly, Indie is a kind of genre with a sound. I don't go for it though. I'm interested in playing originals and doing covers from many genres and making them sound like my band, or our band, whoever the rest of "our" turns out to be.

A few covers I'd be interested in doing: A version of Shadow Of You're Smile that's highly influenced by Ingrid Gilberto's, a version of In my Solitude adapted from Ella Fitzgerald and Barney Kessel's, a Bluesed-up version of Ramble On.

I'd like to do harmonies, and would prefer one band member be female, for the timbre. Stand up bass, would be nice... and a drummer with a light touch; I like to hear the subtleties. Any jamming is generally a rewarding experience, but ultimately, I'm probably going to want to work with people who have some theory knowledge, even if it's in your own esoteric language. An open mind and a willingness to keep working are the keys to ongoing musical satisfaction.

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The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, David Gilmour, The Roches, Jane's Addiction, Vulfpeck, Babel Gilberto, Robert Johnson, The Pixies. I like to incorporate a lot of things, but I'm not as hyper as that sounds.

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My Strat and my Blues Junior. Plus a couple mics and cables. :)