Lirco Artist development was created when we saw the need to offer aspiring artists the instruction to build a career in the music industry. We also work with professional artists in all aspects of their career.
We understand that the music industry is one that rewards the people that work the hardest and are the most prepared.
With that in mind we have structured a program that takes an artist through the required steps for success.
We begin the process with the audition; you see we don't just accept anyone into our program. We are first and formost a record label and we are looking for the best of the best. You can expect to be challenged everyday that you spend with our team of industry professionals.
If we, as a team, feel that the artist has what it takes to be accepted into our artist development program, we then begin the process of determining the strengths of each Individual artist.
From day one, we are looking for your strengths and weaknesses. You will first be introduced to our vocal coach to determine where you are now and where we hope you will be in the future.
As an artist in development you will have a team that works with you on a day- to- day basis...everything from music lessons, the elements of production, stage presence, song selection, photo shoots to social media and branding.
The music industry has changed over the years and in today's world, the major labels want an artist that is ready for launch. The major labels do not develop artists. We pride ourselves on our team of professionals that work hard to develop an artist ready for todays industry. At Lirco Artist Development we do it all in house...that's right all our work is done in our state- of- the art facility in Lexington, Ky. We offer our recording services, video production, photo studio, live sound stage and the best team of industry professionals in the region.

If you are serious about a career in the music industry and want the tools to make it to the next level then by all means us contact today to arrange a one on one interview and evaluation.

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