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SONGWRITER, SONGWRITER, SONGWRITER!!! That being said,,,Guitarist,Lyricist,Songwriter, Song developer.Seeking similar creative musician or song lover for writing original pop rock style love songs only! Strict focus on commercial money generating songs only.Shoud live within 45 min drive from south brunswick nj 08824. Near Princeton nj! This shout-out is only for those of you that wanna chase this
elusive music thing down for the rest of your life. This is for a seat at the head of the table and for a crack at stardom as far as the songwriting field is concerned.

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Anyone whom can create a market competitive mass audience song and build it up as a viable challenger to all the musical chairs that sit on the billboard song charts

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Guitar, pen and paper! These 3 things are the difference between those who financially succeed in the music buisness and those that dont! Co-writer sought for song refinement, checks and balences. Success in this buisness is not unreachable. The demand has always been original content from a proven and steady reliable writing source with a different edge. If your life wont be complete without a handful of songs known worldwide,with your name on the song credits, reach out to me. Expect to spend a solid year creating one or two fully developed 3 minute song contenders. Remember that all unknown wannabes are up against very wealthy and well connected businessmen with full access to talent pools, and have,,, at their disposal ,,,virtually unlimited funds. That said,keep in mind also that sooner or later, everybody on top eventually gets displaced by a team that relentlessly intends to get their due. Gotta be patient, vigilant and focused. A few of us on the outskirts can get a portion of the marketplace with a lengthy succession of infectious hook orientated radio friendly money generating love songs. Gotta set a goal and aim to reach it.The key to the music industry success, is catchy song after catchy song. Its a game of artist momentum. Someone's always gonna temporarily steer the ship from now till the end of time. Lets intend to get a chance at the wheel.. Been writting a lifetime.Theres lots of homework to do, followed by refinement. 2020 is now upon us.Lets have 2 by 2021.Sequential flow songs only! No hip hop, rap, punk, heavy metal, grunge, etc Only fun, energetic, positive leaning passionate,honest heartfelt material!Listen to well structured songs like Devil Woman by cliff richard,/Lotta love by nicolett larson,/Harden my heart by quarterflash,/ Jazzman by carole king,/House of love by amy grant,/Dancing queen or Waterloo by abba,etc etc,, Then ask yourself if you wanna sacrifice your time to be in this kind of songwriting company and more importantly if you really want to enter into this kind of cutthroat business.Also, recording demos ,costs a little bit of money, so you'll need to save up some money.I will split 50/50 with all costs and song licensing necessities, but only in songs I expect will rival a top adversary. Be smart and forget about being some ,,,on stage,, star.Thats a ruthless ugly place in the entertainment world. Its deepstate lawyer and contract entanglements that will complicate your life to no end. Its also a dangerous business because of the money potential and underworld ties that go with the territory. The real reachable paychecks come to the copyright owners of hit worthy 3 minute songs. Worthwhile songs in advanced stages will be offered to music publishing houses for artist management bids. Okay, all that being said, none of the reality of the music business will be allowed to seep into the innocent song that is to be written. The hit song should always live in the perfect world. Thats its selling point.It shines from the opening to the closing measure. I don't wanna scare you off, just wanna clue you in.If after all this, and your still intent to dive into the pool, lets write! Dont care if your 18 or 70 yrs old. Everyone whom walks the earth has a unique take upon this journey. Bringing a beautiful song into this world, that is accepted by a mass audience, is about the coolest thing that there is! Contact
P .S. Also seeking local female vocalist to form guitar based duet for 2020. See Craigslist, central nj area ,,seeking female vocalist listing for details. Happy New Year one and all!