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First of all, I just want to let everyone know that I'm not your typical Bassist. I'm into your rock n roll, but bring many influences to the table. I believe that true musicians also have to have endless influences and a mind to comprehend the complexities of music. I want something totally original and nothing short of it. I'm tired of playing for bands and not playing with them.

My style can range from your standard blues rock to jazz concepts and funk slaps, punk to metal. I listen to all and can play each style in my style. Overall I'm looking to discover a new sound, something that hits the soul. Do not reply if you are some coffee house artist/singer, not that i don't like that, but i go beyond it. My ideas are to create more than just music alone, but history. This is how serious I am as a musician. I can do partial back up vocals, percussion(not drums), guitar and keys, but mainly my passion is bass. I'm not a pro player either, I just jam a lot, 7 years now.

I got pro gear, transportation, commitment, heart and soul. And please, no simple pop/alternative bands and punk rock or metal. I need people who are serious about expanding on music and not their ego. I'm 22 and looking to spend the rest of my years changing the world and the crap music that is out there right now.

I may come of as a #$%hole on this posting, but its just the facts up front, i'm actually pretty nice believe it or not ;) I just can't waste anymore time with empty souls and narrowminds ya know.

God Bless

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Rico Zenith
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Oct 10 2005
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Band styles that I dig, but are not limited to, are mars volta, chili peppers, incubus, 311, primus, radiohead, tool, and Led Zep. I'm really trying to blend a lot more, but these bands have a sound that i can really dig.


4-string musicman stingray
5-string warwick corvette standard
4-string Ibanez elec/acoustic bass
Yamaha electric/acoustic guitar
American fender strat HSS
Casio 88key keyboard
Yamaha Alto Sax
Selmer flute
Bass rig:
GK - RB1001 power amp
GK rbh 4x10 and 1x15 (full stack)
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Fender deluxe hot rod 1x12(tube amp)
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Randall old school, doesn't have a model :)