Band to Join, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard.


Good drummer and lifetime guitar player looking for work/fun.

I also do graphic art. Looking to record some original material and can help with music related graphics and such. Got an idea or need, contact me.

I’ve been in two bands in Carlisle since I got here and none really got off to anything. The common factor was lack of bass player.

Took up drums about 5-6 years ago. I’m good … not great yet … but very solid and quick study. Easily practice about 8-10 hours a week.

I’m a good musician. I’ve played guitar my whole life. I understand music from many aspects. I just have more natural physical talent as drummer and more creative talent on guitar. When I played guitar, I played rhythm guitar like I play drums … to the beat like a machine integrated into the drums and bass. That’s the rhythm section. And at 16 our band understood that and worked on that to built a great backing sound. Now I use my guitar I write mostly. Got lots to contribute there.

Up front … I’m not going to be gigging twice a month. The logistics of moving drums in and out on my own isn’t something I want to deal with. With support, maybe more, but to get out the door, ya have to producing a good product. That’s top priority.

So, I’m game for something with a different twist. I doing a random list of classics just seems like third retread of the same tire to me. Maybe sets of AC/DC, Black Crows, Stones, Zeppelin or Clapton … maybe take a rock twist to some Motown … or just put unique sound/approach into it. I don’t want to sound like and extended set on “The River”.

riffraffstudios (at) embarqmail.

Fernandes Ravelle Elite with Sustainer System - $500 (Carlisle)

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Just for Fun
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10 to 50
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More than 3 times per week
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AC/DC and National Public Radio.

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Drums ============================================

Premier Artist Maple Emerald Green: (Personal Set)
Mounted Toms: 10, 12, 13, 14
Floor Toms: 16, 18
Bass Drums: 22, 22
Ludwig Acrolite Snare
Remo Roto Toms: 6, 8, 10
Kickers: Iron Cobra
High Hat: DW 9000 Series 8 Foot Remote Hi Hat Stand
Cymbals: Paiste and Sabian B8
Hardware: Premier and Pacific
Accessories: Sonor Mount Bar, Tambourine, Cowbell and Jingle Ring

Sonor Force 3007 Natural Maple: (Studio Set)
Mounted Toms: 8, 10, 12, 13
Floor Toms: 14, 16
Bass Drums: 22, 22
Ludwig Acrolite Snare
Kickers: Iron Cobra
Zildjian ZBT Pro Cymbals

Guitars: ========================================

Dean Sarasota 12: This is an older model before they got cheapened. It plays great with good action. No modifications.

Epiphone EB3 Longneck Bass: A great bass guitar with a narrow long baseball bat like neck. No modifications.

Epiphone Firebird 7: Mini buckers give it "chunk" and the 3 pups/ 3 tone give ya endless tone combos. I added a Schaller roller bridge. I'm not a tremolo guy but this Lyre/Maestro tremolo I really like. Very big but light with some top heavy characteristics. Wonderful custom neck. Just a beautiful guitar.

Epiphone Les Paul Peter Frampton BB3 Custom: Lots of modifications here. This was my first Les Paul. I hand sanded the pickup rings to fit and had to re-drill all the holes for the metric to standard switch. It came out great. Do you feel?

Epiphone Les Paul Zack Wylde Camo Custom: The maple fingerboard with the custom treatment is awesome and super-slick. I added EMG 81/85 combo along with brass pickup rings and brass barrel knobs. It's also has the 18 volt conversion. Unparalleled screamability.

Fender Deluxe Stratocaster Plus: All stock and very sweet to play. All natural. No modifications.

Gretsch Double Jet Electromatic: I removed the Bigsby and replaced it with a "G" trapeze tail. Low sustain, high chunk. A great rhythm guitar. Fat neck and a bit top heavy.

Ibanez Iceman IC300: An E-bay nightmare. What a mess. 22 hours of work refinishing this one. It's now satin black with chrome pickup rings and chrome barrel knobs. Fast, shallow neck with a wide fretboard. It's light and balanced but as big as a bass. Stock electronics are unbeatable.

Line6 Pod Rack Pro Effect Processor


Fender Virbolux Amp
Yorkville Keyboard/Bass Amp