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This is like a bad dating site where no one really wants a date. Like, some people say that they want a band with every single possible type of fu*king musician. An accordion? Bagpipes? A DJ? Are you kidding? Like, do you rehearse in a warehouse or what? And what kind of band would that be? In a word, lame. And what’s up with not having a picture of yo' bad self? Do you not have a head? Have you never played out and had that one drunk friend snap a photo? Really?

And for fu*k sakes, NO! I don't want to listen to your music any more than you want to hear mine. is for sharing music. Go there. This site is for connecting with other musicians. I think?

Uh hum. Now then, if you’d like to get up early on a Sunday morning and make music for a couple of hours each weekend then maybe reach out to me and we can chat. I have drums, a PA, a sense of humor, because life, and an incredible view of the Salish Sea and surrounding mountains, plus two amazing Aussie Shepherds. Maybe I could make you a frothy espresso and some buttered toast.

p.s. Ima gonna let this account expire for obvious reasons, so if you wanna connect in the future...rckjolso at live dot com. Peace in the butt-crease.

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Other bands and stuff and musicians who are dead due to poor choices or old age. .

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More stuff than I will ever need. Wanna buy some of it? No, really. Do you?