First off, we're NOT looking for a commercial type of drummer or single sound drummer(metal, punk, funk, jazz, etc). As a band, we love all these genres equally, but understand that dynamics are important, and that a band can grow with each other and evolve into something entirely new and unique.

Well, as a whole, we hang out, talk music, try to challenge each other musically. We feel that chemistry is #1 when it comes to writing, creative ideas #2, then technicality. Some of our influences are the most common like led zep, doors, allman bros, cream, pink floyd, the beatles, then it goes to stuff like pearl jam, RATM, Incubus, G&R, Alice in chains, etc.

We also understand the importance of independent bands/artist, that not only take in knowledge of the music of the business and industry as well. Some of us promote, do graphic design, work in publishing, etc., and use these tools to help the band move forward. Which brings me to another point, if you have a recording rig (protools, logic, etc) that would be awesome.

We would like for you to have your own influences of whatever kind that push you to become great, but just understand our favorites so that you're not lost when we go to write or improv on some material. (of course we will learn and dive into your unique favorites as well)

We would like to point out that practice is important to us and we hook up 2-3 times a week, and more if jobs/personal agenda allow us to, gigs are setup professionally and not just hit or miss every weekend. We work on our sets so that we give the best possible and get the best response.

We use a garage for practice which is free, spacious, and no complaints from neighbors.

I would also like to point out that we are dead serious about making this a full time job, career, and more. Tour is definitely in our future, already done 2 albums, gonna start prepping for merch.

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Members Of Band

Michael: Vox
Paul: Guitars
Rico: Bass


GK RBH full stack (1x15"/4x10") GK 1001 head unit
line 6 pod effects processor w/floor pedals
4-string sting ray
4-string sterling
5-string cort artisan a series
4-string takamine acoustic bass

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Pedals: A Bunch..but main are..Ibanez Tube Screamer, Vox Wah-Wah, Danelectro Reel Echo