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Not looking for a gig at this time. Some family issues have forced me to take a break from gigging.

Former guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist for Grand Paradise - A Tribute to Styx and lead guitarist for Atlanta bands Thin Ice, Fester's Mullet, Southern XCeption and Bonehead Ted.

35 years of experience as a guitar player and singer in a diverse selection of rock, tribute and power pop bands. I built my chops playing Zeppelin, Rush and Cheap Trick covers but as I've played more I've come to be inspired by guitarists who've got broad, thick sounds like Alex Lifeson, EVH, and the perfect rhythm tone of Dan Hawkins. I do like classic rock (I grew up playing it) but am honestly tired of the same old same old. These days I'm into late 80's hair bands and high energy 90's forward rock and power pop like Killers, Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters, Weezer, U2, etc. I will always idolize and play Rush though!

Vocally I'm comfortable on high part harmonies up to F#/G4 but don’t have a good ear for middle harmonies – just being honest. I have a gritty lead vocal tone well suited to harder rock numbers. I'm happy to sing what I can or just lay out - I just want to help the band sound good.

Work habit wise I like to know what to expect ahead of time so I can use practice to focus on vocals or part coordination. If you want somebody to turn up way too loud, fake their way through songs and solo for 15 minutes to stretch the set list I'm not your guy. If you want somebody who will play the song in the spirit of the recording then we're on the same wavelength.

Several bands I've been in have had one guitar (me) so I'm used to covering rhythms and leads but I enjoy playing with other guitarists that can harmonize and coordinate parts as well. I can also do keyboard parts and/or trigger effects with a Roland PK-5 foot controller (like the old Moog pedals Rush used to use) to add a keyboard dimension to the band.

Personally, I'm a professional guy with my own business so I'm not into bands to make a living - I just love playing live. I'm not a "let's jam in the basement and get drunk" player - I'm a "let's get this stuff down and play out" player. I'm organized, on time, drug free and don't drink at gigs (not preaching - just saying what works for me).

Email: RGREEN at GREENCONSULTING dot COM Cell: 770 597 8179

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Robert Green
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Dec 07 2009
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Over 100
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Alex Lifeson (Rush)
Eddie Van Halen
Dan Hawkins (The Darkness)

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Guitars: Ibanez Musician, Ibanez Artist, Ibanez SZ, Schecter C1, Fender Humbucker Tele, Ibanez A300E acoustic, Epiphone ES1275 double neck.

Amps/Rigs: Modded Jet City JCA50 or JCA Custom 22 tube head over a Marshall 1960A 4x12 cab with Celestion G12K-100's or Avatar Blues Breaker 2x12 with G12K-100's. For silent stages I use my GT100 with an IR/amp sim into an HK RedBox DI straight to front of house.

I can get anywhere from clean to brown sound on these rigs to match venue requirements. More and more I see clubs wanting a silent stage so I've moved in that direction.

Effects: Boss GT-100, MXR Talk Box, Boss Vocoder, Line6 wireless unit.

Synth: Roland PK-5 foot controller with a Roland RS-50 synth (I can play keyboard accents and sound effects with my foot like Geddy Lee in Rush). I'm still learning keyboards to expand my skillset.

Monitors: XVive U4 unit with Shure in-ear drivers.