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Music is special. Some mindsets are great but others are flawed because they do not take the "practice's with honor and respect," So!
Looking for stability and not just auditioned tryout. Been learning since 1964, although have spuraticly quite, but picked back up since around 1980. Sometimes it's good to do your best when others are not scrutzining one's ability, skills, knowledge. To me it is best to play and not worry how the other musician is. My ex drummer knows other styles but that was not a choice for all I needed was a strong and solid beat. The drummer was wiser than I gave him. He listened to me and got to be one of the best drummer's I've ever meet in fifty years. In opinion, he was a good as those drummers already making money and doing gigs for the crowds. The singer was the same, but he was different, (he was black with a fro but was respectful and no hype), he loved CCR MUSIC but would not sing soul music back then. He also, after 15 years could play Classical music on a keyboard, because he moved to Dallas (and was a house painter) but we as a group did what the singer was best at. All this I learnt back in the 70s. Not all artist have to be excellent, in my book-They (whomever) need to show their desire, not just their abilities, to be above the hype of those musicians, who think they control, but in reality the truth is found out. Those, very experience, feel they are better, in reality they are not when they think no one else can learn. The bass player learnt his music, although, we were kids ranging from age 17 thru 21 years old. We were good and the band's name was Indios Mexicano doing rock and no Spanish (Except one Santana tune).

Stage volume levels in rehearsal and performance
What makes a great band is when everyone plays together as one. If they can't hear you, then it means they must all play quieter assuming you actually have a decent level of volume.

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To many but here are some which include - Santana, 38 Special, Original Lynyrd Skynyrd, Some Ted Nugent with Saint James Holmes, Original Paul Revere and the Raiders are just a few of past time. Learnt at least three different Allman Brothers tunes. Also know at least three Santana tunes and different tunes since the sixties. A partner, in my books is a respectful male and/or a female artist. I'm not queer or gay and do not support or have time for such. Songs I like but lyrics can be misconstrued, so, if you are not part of LBGT or affiliated, then contact "message only" via text to 505 three seven nine zero six five three. Bottom Line, it must clearly state purpose for contacting me or do not waste anybodies time. So, " ...if you want a toy, go find one, and do not waste my time ... .' Life is to short, and I'm not getting any younger!"

When one wants, it is their accountabity, not mine and I have chosen my path. I do not expect you to accept me for who I am, so if you or I do not respond, take your actions and stand before judgement on your own.
The song by April Wine explains much about a city that was destroyed back in the Old Testament and I'm sure it was destroyed for its beliefs and actions. As my mom said to me, " ... if you want to see a pissed off GOD, question it's motive ... ." Guess that's hard to live by, but a choice between common sense and evil is one's choice. Not mine decision of others accountability!

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Gibson Les Paul, Squire long scale bass by Fender, Blackstar HT5 for tone,Extension cab for Blackstar HT5,1- 4 12 cabinet by Marshall for power. Some Boss tones for effects, Moore Pedal for tone, Dunlop for wah wah, and a few other accesories items. Also a Peavey TKO 115S for lower tones that makes good tones because a solid tone up in the mountain is different than at a lower level!

Personally I believe this is how a successful project should be
For one (1) I'm not getting any younger. Two (2) their are three parts and I'm not into trying to rule anyone's lives, but I feel these set of rules must be adhered to, in order for a successful project.

First of all:
No drugs or/and Alcohol is allowed during any rehearsal and definitely not at a gig. Because of this many artist will not want to be a part of this project. Although these artist can be permanently barred from these high paying gigs by the venue(s). Understandable, but the good paying gigs, these venues frown on drug or alcohol use, even if they sell alcohol, but other low paying gigs are in it for the money only. Some of the crowds, won't attend and that is bad for the venue in the venue's eyes. In reality if a group is hired, because they follow and adhere to rules, Higher pay can occur but that one might not happen because of an individual's desire, but when it comes to common sense, it's better to play along and adhere to what the audience is actually paying for. Some people are not dumb, and that is why some succeed and others fail. So, if you want to party, please do it before or after rehearsal and/or gig.
This rule, if broken is showing a willnes to not care or desire to be a part of a successful project that others are trying to achieve. If you want to party and miss either a gig or rehearsal, then you might be replaced, because there might be some other hungry soul standing ready to take your place. No matter your skill or abilities. This project is not for a single showboating. It is a group effort not a soloists, spot. This band is set for success, so please do not become a failure. Please don't become a loser, for it is difficult (thou not impossible) except from truthful sacrifice to become a success instead of being a failure. Now I'm in agreement with this rule, because any form of distraction can hypothetically destroy a successful project, which leads to part II (2). SOME, are not gonna approve but this term must be adhered to because this project demands total focus without distractions of any sort. That distraction might but might not lead to a mistake which can kill an audition, rehearsal, and/or even a gig.

More to come in a bit.