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Online & In person Collab resulting in 1 solid Alt-Rock CD of NEW sounding material, blending what we both do well

Phil here, lifelong Rock Singer/Songwriter/MultiInst/Producer seeking somebody else like me…Already has their own style but wants to blend that, true collab & co-writing….ONLINE, sending tracks back and forth thru any of a number of options.



Love Rock – I love everything that Rocked, Rolled, Popped, or Grooved from about 1965 to the latest release 5 minutes ago I’ve got my fav’s and things I gravitate to more, especially Grung-y Alternativeness
Here’s a few Hendrix, Sabbath, Zeppelin, BadCo, Skynyrd, Heart!, AC/DC, Journey, Judas Priest, Aerosmith, Van Halen&Hagar, 80Hair!, PopDudes = Gabriel, Bowie, Collins, Weirdo’s = Eno, Numan, all the Waves, GNR, U2, Metallica, Rush, then Grunge happens SOUNDGARDEN! NIRVANA, PEARLJAM, ALICE IN CHAINS, StoneTemplePilots, lots of other great 90’s stuff Radiohead, Fuel, Filter, RATM, Beck,
POTUSA, long list there…2000’s Foo, QOTSA, DaftPunk, AUDIOSLAVE, Electronic Stuff, Resurgence of Singer/Songwriter stuff Bob Schneider. Not looking for a carbon copy of me, but whatever it is you love that Rocked, let’s find
common ground in that.

Want to Rock – Original tunes with New Sounds and Ideas, Not a rehash and not just fun jams that don’t produce good original tunes…NEW CD’s worth of REALLY GOOD tunes 1st

Want to Collab – Somebody who really wants to share, work together = Could come up with a strong new riff but understands that it can’t be JUST YOUR new riff or change every time, the sharing and blending of styles, strengths, swapping out singing, harmonies, backups, lead guitar parts or a lead on
guitar followed by a lead on keys = SOMETHING NEW AND STRONG but not so New that it weirds people out.

Experience, Skills and Equip – Would be better if like me, you’ve already done plenty of the band scene, Recorded at least one CD’s worth of tunes, Write and Record your own tunes at a decent level and RIGHT NOW have what you need to pack up go play a modest show by yourself = but understand the strength in sharing, working together. I’m not a gear snob but wish I had the money to be <grin>. Have what I need and know how to use it well…Write and Record in Reason, Mix and Master in Reaper. I don’t polish demo’s until the song’s set in stone and Studio level production is required.

Heart – Be at least a (semi)normal, working person, with morals, integrity….I would take a hard worker over a Steve Vai virtuoso badass with an ego so big I couldn’t fit in the room much less the music….Do what you say and say what you mean. I am not over-talented but I work really hard at it, because I love it.

Age, Race, Religious, Political Affiliation, ”The Look”, Ego, TooFat/TooSkinny, Have to make money from music….whatever, only thing that matters to me is if you were in front of a mic right now, could you Play and Sing like it matters… is it real for you and can you Rock the hell out of that for no other reason than you love it and need to be doing that.

Most of what we do will be swapping music/tracks/listening/talking = finding a process that allows us to work on things together and share writing, share the work and hopefully that starts to produce stuff that’s better than what we’ve done individually.

I’m off evenings and weekends…and have plenty of time to dedicate.

I’m me but If it was a sound I could relate it would be close to:
QOTSA playing RADIOHEAD cover versions of SOUNDGARDEN, FAITHNOMORE, STP, GOV’T MULE,MUSE, SEVENDUST, FOO, WILCO SONGS = With New electronic elements that you could dance to! Too many to list the influences I would try to blend in WHILE trying make it our own. This is just for reference = I want to make an original sound, based on what 2 serious dudes can accomplish if they are purposely trying to find a new sound. So many work so hard just to sound like everyone else – I want to work to sound like US! AND for that to be a NEW SOUND that others dig just as much as we do. I’m currently trying to infuse my Alt / Grungy-ness with Electronic sounds and Keys, haven’t found it yet but closing in on it.

Please start by email, doesn’t have to be a mini-novel but at least who you are, experience, influences and links to some of your music (or a wholly completed Bandmix/Reverbnation profile
; - )

**** If it’s not you, send it somebody who fits

Hit me up here OR txrnd AT y a h o o dot calm

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I'm gonna NOT put this in any particular order and limit it, cuz I could literally just keep namin' bands and artists:
QueensOfTheStoneAge, M83, Radiohead, Chevelle, STP, Soundgarden, Nirvana, AIC, PearlJam, Faith No More, Daft Punk, Phantogram, Wilco, FooFighters, SEVENDUST, Warpaint, Incubus, Beck, Filter, WideSpreadPanic, Audioslave (RIP CORNELL),
AC/DC, Skynyrd, Sabbath, Zepplin, BadCo, Jimi, Molly Hatchet, Rush, Pink Floyd, 80's - Metallica, Motley Crue, Journey, U2, from Hairbands to Heavy Metal...I still go back to this stuff, but I don't live here, I just love it 'cause this is the music of my youth.
Too many to list, if it Rocked or Rolled (or even Pop'd) from 1960 to 5 minutes ago, I probably dig it...
But I will admit I am more mainstream and grungy/alternative than I am anything else......that's why I work so hard to be places that most are not - but still influenced by that.

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Guitar rig, Strat copy beater + Digitech gear
Drums (Electronic)
Write and Record with Reason