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^^^ If you figured that out and why I did it... congratulations we're ready to rock!

My name is Roman. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. I grew up in Nesna, Norway and came to America at the age of 8. I have 2 different passions. Acoustic Rock and Metal. I've been a part of 2 really great bands in the past. End of Silence my acoustic band during college; then Demonbruen my metal band during my time in Nashville, TN. I have music for each of these groups on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, You-tube, and any other distributing music store. I've played quite a few shows with each of these groups as well. Recently i've been working on solo stuff. Got an acoustic EP out under the artist name Roman Aridor you can check that out! I love playing acoustic guitar! However I would consider myself quite average while others would say otherwise. I primarily love to write and sing. To create essentially is what I crave. My previous project ended due to health/family issues within the members of my band. I recently moved to TX and would really love to meet and jam with musicians who want to start up a heavy rock or metal project.

My forte's would include the following:

- Supportive role in brainstorming transitions for the actual musical layout.

- Very strong ability to pick up melodies and grooves and write out ideas to them on the spot.

- Strong improv skills.

- Very strong lyrics. I have many styles of writing and have created 5 different styles of my own.

- Helping to create "Space" within music.

- Strong ability to switch between screaming (belting) and singing with ease.

- Syllable Theory in relation to making vocal time signatures within the music to break monotony.

- Confident on stage presence. (Entertainer)

- I'm loud.


Other things you should know about me:

- I currently have a job working to 9-6. My job is pretty awesome and I enjoy doing what I do!

- I consider myself to be a committed person, however my level of commitment nowadays is based on those I work with. If you are a committed I will show you the same level of commitment. It's not that I can't over-achieve or encourage those around me to improve. In fact I excel at those qualities. My reason for having these rules of commitment is because in the past I have gone out of my way without much support. This includes funding for equipment, marketing, merchandise, etc... I'm more than willing to be "Very Committed" or "Touring". I just need to work with people on that same level. If not individuals who are striving to be at that level.

- I don't mind starting a project from the ground up, but I would be willing to work with 2 people who are pushing for something, or even an established group who needs a vocalist.

- I'm funny and pretty laid back. I am not easily offended. I am completely shameless.

- i don't complain... I make do and I improve on what i'm given.

- I can sleep on the ground if I had too.... in fact I have skills sets that would give me an easy go at being unemployed LOL... that's not my goal. I'm adaptive.

- I indulge, but not enough to where I lose sight of whats important. I have an extreme level of self control.

- I am not egotistical. If I do get anything out of creating this profile this is what I hope it will be... If not an awesome project with an talented group of individuals. I hope to at least make positive friends whom I can grow with and learn from. I work from home so the purpose of this profile is to extend my reach for networking. However I also wouldn't mind a brotherhood. I'd like to think that I could be a part of something powerful. I'd like to stand by those that would fight for whatever beliefs build on that power. I'd like to work cooperatively to take that power and reflect it in the music we would create. I strongly believe that the chemistry among individuals is what creates extraordinary music. I am not in this for a "business" even though I have the skill set to be... Thats not why I want to make music. That is all. I'm an open book feel free to hit me up, ask me questions, or make music with me.


Non-music Related Hobbies:

- Archery

- I love climbing stuff.... anything.

- Travel

- Video Games

- Eating (I'm not very picky and have tried most things.)

- Hiking

- Cycling

- Searching for abandoned buildings. (I have always wanted to record in one.)

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50 to 100
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2-3 nights a week
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Rock Influences: Seether, Chevelle, A Perfect Circle, Korn, Stone Sour, Nirvana, Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, NIN, Audioslave, Puddle of Mudd, and Breaking Benjamin

Metal: Lamb of God, Killswitch Engaged, White Chapel, Daath, Amon Amarth, Tool, Devil Driver, Gojira, Ghost, Five Finger Death Punch, The Ghost Inside, Machine Head, Slipknot, and Meshuggah

There's probably more for each section, but these were some of the first ones that came to mind. I've got likes and dislikes about each band that I have listed. I try to keep an open mind and constructively use each of their strong points to build myself. Frankenstein things together.

Instrument experience:

Vocalist - Baritone:
Vocalist - Tenor:
Rhythm Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:


- Breedlove Acoustic Electric Guitar (Atlas Series Stage C25/SR)
- Shure SM58 (Stage MIC)
- EV N/D767a (Stage MIC)
- EV N/D967 (Stage MIC)
- MXL 2010 Condenser (Recording MIC)
- Nissan Altima 2014 (Some people will know why I listed this.)