Ron Delfmann


New Projects in the making!
1. Bluestrain:
I am looking for a bass player and drummer who would like to play pure blues-rock in minimal configuration but with maximum power and sound much like ZZ Top and Joe Bonamassa. Starting out may be with lots of covers, but my goal is to eventually write, record and perform own original material.

2. no name yet:
This should be a project band with the purpose of performing my own original songs, which are heavily New Age influenced. I have two albums completed and another one (slowly) in the making.

Songs I posted below from my CDs are -

CD: Thomas
- Prisoner on Earth

CD: Backtrack:
- An Astronaut
- Travel on
- Backtrack
- Kessel Run

A bit about me:
My main instrument is the guitar, electric, acoustic, slide, lead and rhythm. I have been playing since 1978 and since been adding more and more instruments starting around 1985, when I began homerecording. First I added the keyboards to my skillset, then mandolin and bass, flute (recorder, tinwhistle) and various kinds of stringed instruments derived from the guitar... and I will probably still be learning new instruments when I get the chance.
At present, I am working on my own songs and publishing them and I also started to play with an Irish/Celtic Rock band - St. Stephen's Green. Whenever they do not keep me busy, I do recording in my own project studio and look for other projects/bands to form or join.

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Ron Delfmann
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Dec 27 2006
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Very Committed
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Over 100


Rock, Blues (ZZ Top and Bonamassa stuff), Irish/Celtic Rock, New Age and 60s and 70s, (newer) Beatles, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, British Invasion and such, and many many more... oh, Pink Floyd and Kate Bush too.

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Lead Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
Steel guitar:
Background Singer:


Mitchell MD200, Mitchell MD300, Fender fat strat, Kasuga strat, Squier Strat with Tex Mex electronics, Hohner LP Custom (whoa what an axe), Johnson Telecaster with 3 pup mod, Epiphone Special II, Fender Grand Auditorium Acoustic Electric, Gretsch Boxcar Resonator, Lucero Nylon String Classical Guitar, Squier Precision Bass, a kind of self made guitar from an old harmony, a lap slide guitar and the newest addition: Gretsch Electromatic G5220 Jet...

(2x) Acoustic Lead Series G35FX
Line 6 Spider IV 15
Blackstar Fly 3 with extension cab
a Pignose
VOX AC30 headphone amp (fixed that too)
Behringer BX1800 Bass and Keyboard amp
Orange Micro Dark Terror
---> The Marshall MG50DFX died on me, but I re-purposed the Speaker Cab, using it now with the Micro Dark... YUM! <---

Effects: A few like a Dunlop wah, Danelectro distortion and MXR phaser. A MojoMojo from tc electronics... cool little stompbox! A Joyo Goldface amp sim (Marshall), 2 Behringer reverbs, some active D.I.boxes... It's constantly expanding... I also have added a DigiTech CabdriVR cab sim and a double setup for gigs and rehearsal noted \below as my main pedalboard setup (that Behringer Vintage Tube Overdrive is a cheap but serious alternative to the 4 times as expensive Ibanez Tube Screamer)
Just added a Golden Plexi from Tone City... also yum!

I am also going cable less now with two Line 6 Relay G10 wireless systems, one for guitar, one for Mandolin, and I have invested in an iRig2 Guitar interface in combination with Tonebridge Software.

My primary (Irish) gigging pedalboard setup is now:
Joyo Goldface into Behringer FX600 Multieffect into Behringer VTone Guitar GT21 on a small board with room for the wireless boxes, then out to the board via XLR and into one of my Acoustic amps (or similar).
... and a near carbon copy for a second setup. The only differences are: The Joyo Goldface is replaced by the MojoMojo and there is no Multieffect pedal (did take the Behringer VTone temporarily out on this one, because it produced a bad circuit noise, so I have to get to the bottom of this.
In the small studio/control room I am using the Orange amp on the Marshall cab, with the Golden Plexi to push the preamp tube as well as one of the Behringer Reverbs in the effect loop, for miking, and for direct recording I am using the iRig in combination with Tonebridge.

Misc: Various recorders and tinwhistles, harmonicas, a melodica, 1 F-style Washburn Mandolin, 2 A-style Mandolins and one made into a Franken Mando Elecric 4 string kind of thing, a Ukulele, my wife's Yamaha keyboard, my Yamaha Keyboard, a Williams Allegro digital piano, Alesis Midi keys and a Trumpet.
An Alesis Nitro Mesh drum kit and a bodhran have also joined the ranks. Again, always expanding...(I DO want a 5 string Banjo, but wife says no(t yet))

SM58 - Nady SP1 - Behringer XM1800 - Audio Technica M8000
Behringer XM8500 (2 of those) - Electro Voice Cobalt CO4, ProLine, Royer R-121 ribbon

Neat Worker Bee MDC (my new workhorse)
Marantz MPM 2000 LDC (my former workhorse)
Avantone CV-12 LDC tube condenser (my other workhorse)
Sterling SP50 MDC + Sterling SP30 SDC
Sterling ST151 LCD
Behringer C-3 multi-pattern MDC
InnoGear BM-800 MDC

Band and Studio stuff:
Behringer Europort EPS500 - small PA
Behringer Xenyx X1832USB - 18 channel mixer
Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB - 8 channel mixer
Behringer Eurorack UB1002 - 10 channel mixer
Harbinger LVL Series L802 - 8 channel mixer

Add to that good headphones and headphone amps and various recording soft and hardware, a PC and two notebooks, and a MACBOOK and you got it.

I probably missed something, but that's OK:)