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We are 2 best friends that make up the starts of our band 'The Rugg Brothers'. We enjoy mostly every type of music, and are still trying to figure out the sound we want to have, but are most interested in making music with a nice variety of guitars and folk instruments. In the past we have written a vast number of Ukulele songs, and are in the process of getting those songs out there for people to listen/view via be (you can search for us there to check us out). We like having fun with that music, and it's been gaining us a bit of a following online, but are looking to take a more serious turn more towards folk/vintage rock (I guess you could call it that)

Along with playing shows based in New England, we will continue to make videos and use be as a way to get our music out there, even as our sound evolves. It's a great way to gain fans without the strenuous commitment of touring. Which is perfect for our lifestyles. and I'm sure most of you out there may find that appealing as well.

As a side note: At the time that I'm writing this, we currently make $30 per video-song we post to be (through Patreon, not too impressive yet, but not bad) and we hope to gradually gain more support from fans of our music and videos. All of the money we earn through that site will go directly to helping us make better music and videos as a band (whether that means props, sets, instruments, equipment, or gas money assistance for band members, etc...)

We're based in the Lakes Region of NH, and looking to find local musicians who can provide a new element to our group (or possibly even start a new seperate group with a different name). We are skilled songwriters and would like to have someone new join us who can help add on to our songs (if you can also write your own songs, that's always a bonus) We would like to start playing shows in the Lakes Region area, and possibly elsewhere if it goes well.

Our main instruments we already have covered are guitar and bass guitar (though it would be nice if you can play those as well, since we dabble in many many other instruments and may be switching around song-by-song). We're looking for people with a general musical ability for many instruments, and, for right now, we're fairly open and loose about exactly what we're looking for. But, if we're being specific with a particular type of musician, we have 2 (or possibly 3) members in mind. If any of these musical descriptions sound like you, then you may be who we're looking for:

1. Someone with a wide variety of instrument talents: It would be great to have another band member who is "a LITTLE good at a LOT of instruments" (piano, accordion, banjo, violin, vocals, guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, ukulele, brass, woodwind, upright bass, percussion, etc.) We like the idea of adding some brass/woodwind to our songs to give it a nice parade feel and create a sound that's new, or at least not boring and typical. Someone with a little bit of skill in many instruments would be extremely helpful and free us up to be able to also play different instruments. Ideally, it would be great if this person also can write music. We'd love a new writer thrown into the mix. Especially someone with a great background in folk music.

2. A drummer/percussionist: (ideally with some other basic instrument skills for songs which may not have much 'drumming') You don't necessarily need to be the MASTER of a drum set, as long as you can play some decent drums, and other instruments to some degree as well to make up for whatever lacks in your drumming ability. (Can you play a kick drum while you play guitar? Or shake a tambourine while you sing? That's fantastic!!)

3. Anybody who really specializes in one specific instrument: While we're hoping to find someone who has skills in a variety of instruments, but we would also be excited if we had someone who can blow people away with one instrument only. Particularly if you excel at one of these instruments: banjo, brass, piano, violin or upright bass.

NOTE: We also may or may not be interested in a lead singer. I wouldn't say we're looking for one, but if you happen to have an amazing/interesting voice... that may interest us. We are both proficient singers that harmonize well together and can each hold our own as the lead, but someone with the right voice could be a great addition to enhance our music. We would gladly make room for someone with a great voice to take the lead on most songs, as long as you can play an instrument as well, even if it's just guitar. (and YES, we're open to the idea of a female in the band, but we would likely branch it into a new project and change the name if that's the case... having the word 'brothers' kinda implies that everyone in the band is pretty manly)

ANOTHER NOTE: If any of this sounds like you, but you're only available as a part time musician for gigs, and not willing to make a commitment of joining a band, that's something we could certainly still work with. Especially right now, since it's just the 2 of us and we would really like to get out there and play some gigs as a 'fuller' band. We may not have much for band funds to pay you at the moment, but if we ever do have funds or get a paid gig, we could offer some sort of pay... or beer perhaps?

We have a fairly large collection of interesting instruments, (we just need some extra hands to play them all) but not much for sound equipment besides some basic amps. If you have gear like amplifiers or a PA system, that's helpful. We have decent audio gear for recording with, but only basic knowledge and experience with recording. If you have experience in sound recording, that's another asset.

Most importantly, we're 2 very quirky and fun loving guys. We're looking for people who are fun to be around and would also like to be our friends outside of the band. Keeping it fun is important to us, but we also are interested in making this a serious project, and will need someone who will also be very dedicated to making some great music (Which will help us be more serious about it as well) That doesn't mean that we need anyone to quit their job and never ever miss a practice, because we ourselves also have other commitments with work and family/kids, so we understand the limits. We just don't want someone who puts in a half-assed effort. We don't have plans on touring, but we keep an open mind about the possibility, if a good opportunity were ever to come up. We're not out there looking for any massive global fame (though we would be ok with it if it did happen), but we would like to be serious, gain a decent following, and create things that a lot of people will enjoy and remember for a long time. That's the most important thing to us. And of course, it would be nice to be able to earn some money doing what we love (but most of any money earned, at least while we're starting out, would go back into the band, in order to help us improve things) If you will need to be traveling far for gigs/practices, we will certainly do our best to make room in the bands budget to help cover such costs.

We would prefer if you're at least somewhere close to our age of 28, but it's not necessarily a deal-breaker. We've been best friends almost our entire lives and it may require a certain type of person to join us in order for it to work. Oh, and also you should be fiendishly handsome and rugged like we are of course, hah! I kid of course... That is all.

Sorry if this seems like a lot of information, I just wanted to provide you with as much info as possible to help you know if it's something you may be interested in being a part of. If you're at all interested, feel free to send us an email at ruggbrothers at g mail or a message here on Bandmix and perhaps we'll be able to give something a try. If there is a musician out there that we feel could be what we're looking for, it will likely just be a matter of meeting up at some point to hang out, play a little music, and just see how it goes from there.

We put a couple videos and some simple demo songs (originals and a cover) here for you to check out if you want. Nothing too special. Just a taste of some things we write, but keep in mind that it's not the exact style we're looking to use for this band going forward. The songs we're looking to use for our project are much more killer than what we're showing here. The cream of the crop, top shelf stuff is remaining a mystery to everyone for right now. Can't wait to get it out there.

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Members Of Band

Ryan Marchand -
Guitar/Lead & Backup Vocals/Ukulele/Banjo/Dulcimer/Mandolin/Violin/Piano/Harmonica/ and pretty much any instrument he touches... he's one of THOSE guys... that jerk... even the Native American Flute

Rob Harmon -
Bass Guitar/Lead & Backup Vocals/Piano/Accordion/Saxophone/Some Brass/Percussion/Ukulele/Banjo and I'm looking to learn some new things.


Accoustic guitars, Electric guitars, Accoustic Bass guitar, Mark Hoppus Fender Electric bass guitar, banjo, Apple Creek mountain dulcimer, harmonica, Vintage Carmen accordion, Native American flute, trumpet, didgeridoo, LA saxophone, crappy drumset, ukuleles, xylophone, violin, various rhythm instruments, Rode recording microphones, M-audio Fast Track Ultra 8 track recording interface