Benny's Little Weasel


Bass Guitar, Drums, Rhythm Guitar.


Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Recording Engineer/Visionary looking to reform modern alterno rock band with history of regional success . Putting the finishing touches on a new album and seeking musicians to help bring the show. highly-motivated and well-connected. ./bennyslittleweasel. .bennyslittleweasel.

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Apr 16 2006
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Afghan Whigs, Faith No More, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, 80's synth pop one-hit wonders, Deftones, Sponge, Coheed and Cambria, Tool, White Zombie, Emmet Swimming, bleh, too many to mention, and my stuff doesn't sound like any of them.....

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currently....Me, Myself, and I. yes, technically I'm a musician, not a band, but this band has always been, and always will, until the end (doh, docking 5 pts off of my score for stealing a Nirvana reference...I'm not even that big of a fan....). My previous lineup under this moniker was in Stillwater/OSU and we played many a show, mostly with the now (in)famous All-American Rejects. Then well all graduated and went our seperate directions, and I went back into the studio. I sing, I play guitar and bass, keyboards, and I program drums. Looking for form a 4-5 piece band. drummer must be able to play on a click (but not solely).


Scalable personal PA setup adequate for any tulsa venue and rehearsals, and plenty of connections for affordable quality live sound. Ensoniq PARIS-based 128 track recording studio operating out of my home. Permanent rehearsal space. Johnson JM150 2X12 combo,a couple of fender strats, a BC Rich bich, various acoustics, Conklin Groove Tools 4-string bass, SWR 400 watt bass amp, 4X10 Ampeg bass cab. cabinet full of studio mics, cables, rack units, etc... I've been at this awhile and played many shows with this band and others, and my gear represents touring quality.